Everlast- What It's Like

Romeo took a slow drag off his cigarette as he looked across his backyard, leaning back in the patio chair. He had been in Seattle for a little over an hour and he already missed the bright lights of LA. Almost. There were so many thing he didn't long for, like the rushed pace or his assistant talking in that tone of his when he was trying to be a father-like figure to Romeo. He had one of those, his dad cared more he was coming to realize. Both of his parents did. It had to be the stupidity of youth when they didn't know how their parents tried to care for and support them, just brushing past as tortured. If any torturing was done it was by his own hand. Romeo chuckled, smoke sliding from his lips like wisps as he thought back on the past week.


"Romeo.. I'm glad you came back to LA." His personal assistant spoke as they hurried through LAX.

"Are you, Cal? I'm not. There's people shoving cameras in my face already and all I'm trying to do is go back to my condo." Romeo sighed, putting the lollipop in his mouth. The sugar would have to be enough until he got to his destination, the food on the flight sucked. Mondays sucked.

"Only for a few hours then you know what's going to happen." The man winked at him, putting on his sunglasses.

Romeo rolled his eyes, his own shades put on and he tried not to be blinded by the sun. It was in this moment he missed the usual cloud cover of Seattle. Unfortunately he knew exactly what his assistant was talking about, the band was supposed to play a few secret shows over the next week. He couldn't wait for it to be over already. Shuffled into the taxi he looked over to the man after sitting "Did you get the number I asked for?"

"Oh of course, Romeo.." The man reached into his pocket for the yellow post-it that he stuck to Romeo's guitar case that was across his lap.

"No.. I want it." The brunet grumbled, reaching over to peel it off and put it in his pocket. Ten... He had her number. It was easy to do really, Cal called her publisher and sweet talked them. It had to be done since the blonde wouldn't give it to him directly.

"Now who is acting like a child?" The greying man's eye brow lifted over the top of his sunglasses.

"Really?.. Not me. I asked you to do something and I was tired of waiting." Romeo said simply, his fingertips running over the paper in his pocket. He'd call her tonight...

Wednesday evening and it was show number three. Romeo was getting tired as he managed to stumble into the shoddy room set up as a dressing room in the small venue. He thought he had moved up from these but yet it was all in the surprise he supposed to see him and the band there again. He collapsed into the well worn couch, reaching for his jacket to take something out of his pocket, a piece of paper now worn a bit from folding and unfolding.

He had hesitated so many times, dialing the numbers until the second to the last, unable to press the final button. He'd hang up instead. What if she hung up on him or worse laughed at him? He could take the not wanting to talk to him, barely, but the thought of being rejected more was hard. A deep sigh and he shoved the paper in his jeans pocket when the rest of the band came inside. Time to put on the forced smile. "Heeey!"

Friday night and the fifth show, Romeo was definitely feeling the fatigue as he stood in the bathroom of the slightly better venue. At least this one had an actual dressing room and a bathroom in it so he didn't have to go out into the hall. He splashed a bit of cold water over his face to try cooling down. His body felt like it was on fire, everything hurt. So this is what it felt like to jump back into the game feet first without checking to see how deep the water was. His eyes lifted to his face in the mirror and he met his own eyes before looking back down at what lay on the counter. The powdery remnants of a couple white lines. Bad habits were hard to kick. All he needed was a pick me up so it wouldn't be bad for just one night. Besides he was going home in the morning.

There was a knock at the door, "Romeo? You ready yet, man?" One of his bandmates called out over the noise of the small party going on with the band, roadies, and a couple lucky fans.

"Yeah.. Just a minute." Last show, he reminded himself, then he had an entire weekend and the holidays to wind down. His hand brushing over the counter then washed in the sink before he left the bathroom. Another painted on smile, "Now the party can start. Not too much to drink.. We all have to be on stage in twenty."

"Such a mood killer, Rome." The drummer sighed, pointing one of his sticks at him.

"Yeah, yeah.. Someone pour me a glass of Jack.. Half full." He smiled, sitting down on the couch that was only different from the other venues in color.


Romeo sighed heavily, his hand passing over his nose as it tingled. The faint ache felt in his body of that need to get another fix, not so bad yet but he knew it would only get worse. Just a little, he mused as he stood up to head back inside. Just a single line to get him to the next craving. His hand passed his pocket, maybe he'd call her tonight. He couldn't keep putting things off forever, right?
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