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*This story was very fun to write! My sister coming home for the Holidays and I'm very happy! I've missed her so much! Hope you like it ;) Also anyone wants to collab?*


Thursday; The Lights of Christmas includes an array of entertainment and experiences including live music, theater, crafts, food, pony rides, a petting farm, and Polar Express Train rides. Visitors can shop for Christmas gifts, listen to carolers, attend a dinner theater and visit with Santa Claus or Bruce the Spruce, the talking Christmas tree. A variety of local music groups will perform, and the food choices will range from clam chowder and kettle corn to deli sandwiches, corn dogs and apple pie.

"Come on Erin!" My sister yelled as she grabbed my hand leading me out of the department store. "We got everything!" Astrid said and I pouted. "I just wanted to see some things..." I said as I tried to figure out what to get her for Christmas.

"You have to perform in less that half an hour and you're not even dressed yet!" I frowned. "The point of coming home was so I could spend time with you guys! And you agree that I would perform without my concern!"

Astrid looked sad at my outburst, "I just thought well, while you're here people could see you perform, myself included." I felt kind of bad at snapping at her, but it was my vacation after 121 shows I deserved a break. "I've invited you to all my shows, you don't even have to ask to come!" I said as we headed towards her car.

"I know, but it's not like I can ask my boss for a few days to fly out and be with you for a few hours. Besides I already have spent most of my sick days with the wedding preparations." Astrid said as we got in the car.

"I'm sorry, I snapped at you" I said honestly. She looked at me and smiled, "I'm sorry too. I should've asked first."

"You knew perfectly well if you would have asked I probably would have said no." She smirked, "That's why I did it!"

"Come on! You've got fans all over the world. Here in Seattle, you're a queen! You haven't even performed here!" I shrugged, I avoided coming back as much as possible, but performing free of cost was the right thing to do. Besides it was the season to give back...

"Alright, you better get me there on time!" I told her as I saw her smiling. "No problem, I called your makeup artist and your costume crew!"

I looked at her, "You what?!"

"They were happy to come, and by the way they're all invited to spend the Holidays with us. So they'll be staying!" We both smiled. I would have both my families here for Christmas!

I was scheduled to close the show. Already glammed up in my sexy festive corset, I put on my Santa hat and stepped on stage. "Seattle! How are we doing tonight?!" The crowd went wild! I smiled as the music started. To my surprise, my tour dancers were on stage too. I started singing one of my hit singles as we did our dance routine. The crowd started singing along. It felt amazing performing here! I definitely changed my mind about Seattle.

After three songs, we went backstage and I changed into a new outfit! I felt the adrenaline rush as we rushed back to the stage. We did a segment of popular Christmas songs starting with "All I want for Christmas is You" and ending with "Last Christmas".

"This one goes out to my sister, Astrid who's getting married!" I pointed at her, she was backstage. Two of the dancers went and pulled her on stage as we finished the mini concert.
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