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lol i never go on here anymore

update on life.

life is life. really not that great, but i don't expect much from it anyways. :/

glee isn't that great really, except for the fact that my bby sebastian is back<3 which practically made my life ahahah.

school's been really hard, taking all honors wasn't exactly my best decision.

i broke my computer around 2 weeks spilling water on it. fml. it works again but the s key doesnt work(i'm using an on-screen keyboard to type all of the s letters) so that's a bit annoying, but at least it work.

do you know what pisses me off too much? freaking high school couples. 
constantly making out in the halls, being all cute, stuff i'll never have. like a guy probably has never had even a crush on me, ahahaha forever alone. and watch me be a cat lady, cause i can't even picture anyone remotely liking me in that way. 

*mini forever alone rant over*

lol at how i rant on here, cause nobody goes on this freaking site anymore.

anyway, if ya wanna message me, go ahead, i missed y'all :)

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