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haha whoops, I did this set 2 days ago and just realized I forgot the shoes xD
uhm let's say that I just couldn't decide whether it should be boots, ballet flats or pumps ;P
maybe I'll add later some :P
Hi you...
you know what?
YOU ARE AMAZING! yes right, you!
Every single one of us feels sometimes hurted and worthless. 
People can treat you disrespectfully and bad but don't let yourself feel humbled! Don't bestow their words trueness. Don't let people take away your respect for yourself. 
But unfortunately many do and are assailed of doubts. They lose confidence and feel worthless.
Maybe they start to ask theirself
 'why the heck I'm living on this heck planet!'
crunkdidi tells you my honey cake ^_^b

You live because YOU ARE AMAZING!
You live because someone wanted and needed somebody like you!
You live because you are unique and important! There is nobody else like you in the world. 
You are amazing because you have your own qualities and talents others admire you for.
No one else can be you! 
You are amazing because you have imperfections!! Wouldn't you think that life would be extremly boring when you would be perfect?
You are amazing because nobody sees the life like you do!
You are amazing because nobody can smile like you!
You are worth living because others love you and need your support! 
You aren't fully but you fullfil others life!

Let me tell you a story which I try as much I remember to tell in my own words xD
'People were sitting in a lecture room waiting for the speaker starting his speech. When the speaker came he hold a 20€ bill in his hand and asked his audience who wants to have this bill. Everybody was raising up his hand. The speaker took the bill, crumpled it up and showed it the audience. The hands still were raised up. 
The speaker took the crumpled bill and throwed it against the wall. Guess what...yup...The hands still were raised up.
Then the speaker started to tramp on the bill, took it back to his hands and asked again: ''Who wants to have this bill?''
The audience still kept the hands raised up. The speaker asked them: 'so what does it teach you?
No matter how often we have to absorb blows, we aren't losing our worth!'

Neither do you my precious one -------------------------------------------------
Take care and keep your head up ♥
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