Top Sets for November 1, 2012
@polyvore oohhhh. omg. thanks so much again for another top sets!!! I am SO SO SO happy. and two times this week too!! this is amazing.
High Five for Friday! Happy friday!
I was inspired by so many of your gorgeous fall color sets. So I decided to make one.

1. Ahhhhh! Ikea bedrooms are so gorgeous!
 My favorite ones are the 4, 9, and 18th. I want to live in them!!!!!!!! 
2. My friends are in Washington DC for a school field trip. (well. Idk If it really counts as a field trip since they aren't missing school, but still) and since my only friends are at DC I have nothing to do this weekend. (hahaha I have no social life)
3. British guys smell good apparently. My friend sent me a text saying: "omg we saw like 5 different groups of super cute british guys and we walked in between one group and they smelled AMAZING!" ohhhhh now I'm super jealous. And mad at my parent for not letting me go to Washington DC. And now I want to smell a British guy. Oh and now I got another text: " I GOT A PICTURE WITH 2 BRITISH GUYS!!!!!!!!! " (One of their goals of this trip was to take pictures with people who looked like members of One Direction) Im JEALOUS.....but im super excited for them at the same time. ok well I'm done talking about super cute British guys. But seriously. How can they smell good and look cute at the same time???? Not fair. More American guys should be like this. And they saw a Nandos. I'm upset that I am missing out on their awesome adventures.
4. Did you know that if you put a little bit of toothpaste on a pimple it will go away the next day? I tried it last night and it worked! Actually I found out a couple of weeks ago but I didn't get to try it until last night because I don't really get pimples unless I eat a bunch of cookies. 
5. And I still did not get Taylor Swift's new album yet!!!! I am mad at myself for being broke right now. I could steal my brothers' money, but that would be mean. 

OK. Im done now. Thank for reading about my perfectly boring week. And my rant about how awesome British guys seem. Have a FABLOUS weekend. xoxo
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