Before I tell you what the "high five project" is about, I want you guys to think back to mid November or so, when you heard about the team building project. I'm sure you guys thought to yourself, "How the heck am I going to get random people to join my team?" But look at you now!! You got at least one or two people to accept your invitation, which means you're a team leader! I have to congratulate you all on that amazing accomplishment!

Now that we're in the new year and you have each created a team that you are proud to call your own, it's time to build on your team. That's what the high five project is! Can you get 5 members on your team? I'm going to bet right now that each of you can do it! I believe in all 3 of you that you can do this! Especially when there's a prize for whoever can get 5 members first…hehe! ;))

So, here's the high 5 project in a few easy steps:
1) PM a handful of people saying:
"Hey _____! It's ______. I am a member of a group called Little Birdie Told Me and it is so much fun!! We have lots of fun challenges and win lots of cool prizes! If you join and PM @luvmrb61899 telling her that I told you about the group, you will become a member of my team, _____. Here is the link to the group: Please RSVP and consider joining this group! It's awesome!!"
2) Wait for replies…if you get 5 or more members (including the members you already have, but NOT including yourself), PM me saying, "Yayyy! I got 5 (or more) members!! :D" along with the names of your 5+ members!
3) Notice how I say 5 OR MORE? That's because I encourage you to get even more!! If you do get more, you will get an additional prize AND it will be a huge benefit to you in future projects! ;)
4) Once you get 5 OR MORE ;) members, please make a set displaying your team's style. In the set, it should have the name of your team and in the description, please use the hashtag, #ISuccessfullyCompletedTheHighFiveProject (sorry it's long lol)

Is there a due date to this project? Well, I would like every team to have 5 members by January 18th if possible. Remember, once you get 5 members, YOU GET A PRIZE!

1st person to get 5 members--a congratulatory set, a shout out, and a 1st place certificate
2nd person to get 5 members--a shout out and a 2nd place certificate
3rd person to get 5 members--a shout out and a 3rd place certificate
Any person to get more than 5 members--I'll surprise ya ;))

If you are NOT a team leader, it's not too late to become one and participate in the high five project! Please PM me if you are interested in knowing first steps! xx

@sweethope1999 @love-the-girl27 @bieberfevergirl101

PLEASE feel free to PM me with any questions or concerns! I might PM you guys just in case you don't see this set or to checkup on your progress!!

Mariah <33
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Romantic world

Romantic world

Everyone and every set is welcome!
I like sets, where you can see the effort and time the person spend doing it....sets with lots of details and rich backgrounds in every colour, creative or fashion! We will be having at least one contest per week. So be creative and have fun!

Creative Glam

Creative Glam

This group is for everyone who loves fashion, art, music, and being creative.
All kinds of sets are allowed from tips to circle sets to collages to interior design to art sets. Be creative, unique, and positive!
Application- This group is currently open to everyone!
Created July 2012 <3

Little Birdie Told Me

Little Birdie Told Me

Hey guys!! It's me, Mariah aka @luvmrb61899! This group is formerly known as, "Living A Real Life Fairytale" moderated by @r5-1d4ever, but she didn't want it anymore, so she gave it to me! Lol
We're not like most groups because we give people the opportunities to shine in creative new ways and the tools to widen their span of creative thinking as well as their span of viewers!
This isn't just a group, this is a creative outlet. A place to exchange ideas with other innovative thinkers. A place where people get opportunities to shine individually. These opportunities include contests as well as ideas proposed by members of the group.
I am on the lookout for fashionistas and artists who will contribute to the group with enthusiasm, creativity, originality, and positivity. This group is for people who are willing to think outside the box, learn new things, have fun, be creative, and experiment with that creativity!
Actively check the hashtag #LBTMidea to find some awesome ideas to try!
Spread the word about us because we're awesome!! Thanks!!
Mariah <333
Re-est. Wednesday May 8th, 2013


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#72 - Pink

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Enter anything pink
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