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High on School

School can be he.ll. But this one should win an award. Out of the many cliques students have to choose from, there are also strict teachers, and an insensitive principal people mistake for the devil. Welcome to high school everyone! Groups/Cliques: 1. Sweet Populars - these people are very kind people who accept most of the groups and have many friends! They are respective of the rules (including laws - so no drinking or drugs) and they try to be active in many clubs and sports. 2. Rebel Populars - these people can be nice too, but they are very pro drugs and alcohol at their parties. This explains why they have so many friends! They aren't as nice as the sweet populars and most think that everyone looks up to them (when most don't) 3. Drugies - these people are very against the rules and everyone knows that they do drugs and alcohol. They aren't very popular since they get wasted a lot of the time. They can be nice but are typically rude to other people (especially adults) 4. Sporties - as you can guess, these people are very athletic and into sports! That's pretty much all they really focus on! They are typically nice but most are competitive with other people (however this competitive feature can be used in a joking way with friends) 5. Smarties - these intelligent people are very dedicated to good grades in all of their classes. However, at this school there are no teachers pets so no one is really impressed by them but other students. They don't get a lot of time to socialize and some can come across very narcissistic at times. 6. Bookworms - these people are kind of a mix of the smarties and the unique group (see below). They love reading and they often befriend fictional characters more than real people which can be hard. Most are nice but very hard to connect with. 7. Shoppers - this group often skip class a lot to go out shopping with their daddy's credit card. They are considered pretty popular but no one really ever sees them unless they are at a mall. Their values rest on looks rather than inner value. 8. Gang members - these people are very very dangerous. If you're gonna piss someone off, don't choose these guys. They have probably killed multiple people but haven't been caught yet. Typically they skip school or don't pay attention to anyone or anything, but they are very loyal, especially to their gang. 9. Musicians - these people love engaging in the musical programs such as choir, show choir, and band. They tend to be pretty popular and pretty competitive with people, and sometimes they can be judgmental. But overall, they accept most groups and befriend everyone. 10. Artists - these are some of the actors and painters in this school. They tend to be dramatic but they understand emotion very well which means that they have complicated friendships. If you mention a musical to one of them or an artist, they will probably freak out and fall in love with you. But don't hurt them because they will get you back. 11. Punk rocks - these people tend to listen to music all day and zone people out. They don't have many friends since they seem intimidating to people, they tend to be very funny and nice. However they are emotional at times and tend to have a darker past than you may think. 12. Nerds - while somewhat similar to the smarties and bookworms, these people are very intelligent and get attached to fictional characters. They love movies, video games, tv shows, and books. They don't socialize much but love finding people with similar interests (so they can "fangirl"). 13. Uniques - these people have either a very wide range of interests in the groups or they don't connect with any (some refuse to connect). They are very unpredictable and tend to stick out and not have many friends. RULES: •Your character can belong in one or two groups if they want (ie. athletes and smarties) but try to keep it to one or two cliques •You must keep everything PG-13 unless you do a private message roleplay •MUST DOUBLE and max of 4 characters •No "mary sues" or any perfect characters! The more flaws and scars the more interesting (however don't make them super scared cause that's also boring) •Keep drama INSIDE roleplay! If you have any conflicts that you can't resolve on your own, please message me about the issue •First come first serve is my rule! •If you don't agree with something that I do then please don't get mad, just message me about it and I'll try to help! Audition: http://www.polyvore.com/high_on_school_auditions/template?id=1172864 Classes and clubs sign up: http://www.polyvore.com/high_on_school_classes_clubs/template?id=1173680 Audition club tryouts: http://www.polyvore.com/high_on_school_club_audtions/template?id=1177720 Plotting: http://www.polyvore.com/high_on_school_plotting_template/template?id=1175015 Winter formal couples: tbf Mod Auditions: http://www.polyvore.com/high_on_school_mod_audition/template?id=1178987 Taglist 1: @love-to-roleplay @crystalcat-pixel @unusualengagementringsreview @hazeleyebeauty @mysterious-gal @charmaloy @animationchic @the-ravenclaw-princes @gb041112 Taglist 2: @grantsolo @heartless241 @spookymxkayla @charlielove-889 @randomrose9 @gabby-hulin @lostboyneverland @euphoria-301 @hxmiltrxsh Taglist 3: @the-annoying-fangirl @greekmythgeek @thesteampunkqueen @morningstar1399 @katisnotonfire @jo-jouk @elisseejohnson @ayebeerhodes @tell-me-pretty-lies Taglist 4: @cr0ssmyheart @randomfandom2022 @melaniestorm If you have any questions or ideas please message the moderator (@love-to-roleplay)
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