the high priestess

collection inspired by the second tarot card.
card symbols - blue, white and black colours, pomegranates, the moon crown of Isis, veil, solar cross, crescent moon. black & white lotus, pillars (B stands for boaz, signifying negation, J stands for jachin, meaning beginning). scroll with the word tora on it (either the jewish torah or an anagram of "tarot," where the final letter is left unseen).
keywords - intuition, reflection, purity, and initiation.
range of meanings -
upright: listening to your feelings and intuitions. exploring unconventional spirituality. keeping secrets. being receptive. reflecting instead of acting. observing others. preserving purity.
reversed: being aloof. obsessing on secrets and conspiracies. rejecting guidance from spirit or intuition. revealing all. ignoring gut feelings. refusing to become involved, even when involvement is appropriate.
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