major love for this song. 

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Fill out these questions and make a new set called 'ABC About Me Quiz' .Then tag 20 people. 

A- available – Until the end of time.
B- Birthday – April Sixteenth
C- Crush – Male models like yeah. Matthew Hitt, Cole Mohr, Adrien Sahores, unf. 
D- Drink you had last – Water
E- Easiest person to talk to – Shelly @bambiiwh0re and my little sister. 
F- Favorite song – hell, no idea. I like this song a lot. the lyrics are kinda storyish. not so repetitive. 
G- Gummy bears or Gummy worms – WORMS
H- Hometown – uh uh born in Canton, Ohio. no longer there. 
I - In love with anyone – my bed
J- Just asking are you obsessed with Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber - hell no
K- Killed someone – who hasn't?
L- longest car ride – fourteen hours
M- milkshake flavour – strawberryyyyyyyyy
N- number of siblings – 2.5
O- one wish – ugh ugh I wish I had better social skills. or that I lived somewhere more interesting. or that I had someone to cuddle with ughhhhhh that'd be grand.
P- person you called last – Cory. 
R- reason you smile – last was Matt Berry's "One Track Lover"
S- song you last sang – Nights of the Living Dead
T- time you woke up – four thirty.
U- unusual talents – I am a hula hoop champ. thirteen plus minutes, man. that's about it, though. but I'm also good with colors. 
V- veggie – I pretty much love them all. 
W- worst habit – procrastination to the extreme. 
X-rays you've had – none
Y-your favourite singer/band – I have none
Zodiac – Aries

Random Questions:
Favourite animal – wolves, stingrays, giraffes, bunnies, and elephants. 
Spell your name with no vowels - ktlynn
What colour do you wear most – black! 
Least favourite colours – mustard eek
What are you listening to – Dog is Dead
What's your favourite class in school – World History was, but now I'm going to have US History, ew. and AP, kill me.
When do you start school – August 29th
Are you outgoing – far from, my friend, far from.
Favourite pair of shoes – prefer to be barefoot 
Can you dance — hell no, but I wish.
Can you tie a cherry stem with your mouth – I don't eat cherries 
Can you whistle – aye
Cross your eyes— mhm
Walk with your toes curled – like a pro

Do you believe there is life on other planets – yes
Do you believe in miracles – no
Do you believe in magic - I wish
Love at first sight – nah man
Do you like roller coasters – To the extreme AH AH AH major love
Have you ever been on a plane – yes 
Have you ever asked someone out – nooooOOoO
Have you ever been asked out by someone? aye
Have you ever been to the ocean - major love. yes yes.
Have you ever drowned in the ocean - undertow like yeah. pulled me right under
What is the temperature outside – hellish
What radio station do you listen to – uh. something titled "Fox". they play classic rock. 
What was the last thing you bought – a burrito 
What was the last thing on TV you watched – Drake & Josh
Ever cried your heart out – I have no heart, duh
Ever cried on your friends shoulder – once
Ever cried yourself to sleep - many times, my friend
Ever cried over the opposite gender – no
Do songs make you cry – yes
Are you a happy person – no
What is your current hair colour – a mix of browns. and the sun adds some red yay

sorry I'm so dull and monotone 


sorry to the max if you don't like tags, doves
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