The Hipster Group ? ?

The Hipster Group ? ?
Moderated by linny.
This is THE hipster group, son.
Don't be lame. join.
&+ Join if you like any of the following things:
▲being different.
▲dream catchers
▲PpL WhO0Oo0 D0oN'''+ +yyyP3 LyK3 [ Thiiiiiiiiiii$$!!!!1!!1 ]
▲non-mainstream music
▲dream catchers
▲the custom background tool (:
▲doc martens
▲anything vintage
Join if you have style. class. & hipsterness.
(Preps are welcomed but not my favorite)
There will be contests, friends, and stellar sets made.
PM w/ any questions (;
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  • 6,782 sets