name: miranda grey
age: twenty-five
avenger, human, evil?; human.
bio: miranda is a very stubborn, and strong minded person. she doesn't really have a love life, but when she falls for someone, she falls hard. she's very close with her older sister, and has a younger sister who she and her sister practically takes care of. Her mom died a couple months ago after giving birth to her younger sister, Willow. It's been hard, but she hasn't been letting her emotions get the best of her. She's a forensic scientist, and she has hyperthymesia. She can't forget anything that's happened in her life. It can be a pain, but can be very useful in her line of work. She was walking to the home she lives in with her sister and her baby sister, she was walking home from work and was walking through an empty street and just blacked out. She's been trying to figure out what happened, but she can't.
crush: thor(:
model: alexandra daddario
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