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He loves it because it is classy and sophisticated while also showing that you have a fun side. You usually pair it with some cute black heels and a little black clutch.

Niall loves this one on you because it's cute, girly and sexy, he thinks it shows the right amount of skin and leg. You usually put this with a small shoulder bag and some high black heels.

Liam loves this, it is reserved, yet sexy as it hugs your figure but stays classy with the length. You usually pair this with a statement necklace, high, black sandals and a black clutch with a big buckle that matches the colour of your necklace.

Louis loves that this is figure hugging but doesn't show any cleavage, he likes that it stops just below mid thigh and he loves how you style it. Usually this is done with a patent clutch or your favorite mulberry tote (Effie or Del Ray) and some plain black wedges.

Zayn's favorite thing about this dress is how you can wear it on a day to the park or on a nice date out, depending on how you style it. You always wear a belt, sometimes a bright colour, sometimes black but always a belt, you always have a matching shoulder bag and can wear either converse or heels with it and still look stunning.

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