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Historical Dreamcast Challenge

Here's your challenge: Using the list below, create 34 sets, each with a historical figure and the actor/actress you would cast to play them. When you're finished, put all of the sets into a collection and send me the link. Don't feel that you have to stick to actors who have already played these famous people in the movies or that your sets have to revolve around the time period that person comes from. Aside from capturing the "spirit" of that historical person (some research may be required!), let your imagination soar. You could modernize them, Disney-ify them, put them all in different time periods—it's all up to you! (Original List) 1. Joan of Arc 2. Henry VIII 3. Elizabeth I 4. William Shakespeare 5. Elizabeth/Erzebet Bathory 6. Marie Antoinette 7. Queen Victoria 8. Oscar Wilde 9. Anne Frank 10. Princess Diana 11. Pocahontas 12. Benjamin Franklin 13. Harriet Tubman 14. Charlie Chaplin 15. Amelia Earhart 16. Eleanor Roosevelt 17. Walt Disney 18. John F. Kennedy 19. Cleopatra 20. Empress Wu 21. Nelson Mandela (Additions!) 22. Nefertiti 23. Napoleon Bonaparte 24. Alexander the Great 25. Jane Austen 26. Catherine the Great 27. Genghis Khan 28. Jackie Kennedy 27. Billie Jean King 28. Empress Elisabeth (Sissi) of Austria 29. Coco Chanel 30. Gaius Iulius Caesar 31. Lucrezia Borgia 32. Richard I (a.k.a. Richard the Lionheart) 33. Mary I (a.k.a. Bloody Mary or Mary Tudor) 34. Agatha Christie NOTE: This group was inspired by other Dreamcast challenges and groups on Polyvore. Check them out at: Fairy Tale Dreamcast: http://www.polyvore.com/fairy_tale_dreamcast_challenge/group.show?id=134575 DreamCast: The wonderful world of novels and tales: http://www.polyvore.com/wonderful_world_novels_tales/group.show?id=100506 Villains Dreamcast Collection: http://www.polyvore.com/villains_dreamcast_challenge/group.show?id=135328 ANOTHER NOTE: The above list is only the beginning. I’d love to put together a second (or third) set of additional names. If you have any suggestions of other historical figures, send me a message.
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