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- Make a set of any kind.
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Me and my ten obsessions:
1. Supernatural. The TV show that is (even though to be honest I kind of am obsessed with supernatural things in general). Always been obsessed with Supernatural…it’s just awesome in too many ways for me to possibly be able to explain! Plus, we all love a bit of eye candy wink wink ;)
2. Vampires. I honestly can’t explain why I love Vampires so much, I just do. I was going to put ‘Twilight’, and then I remembered ‘Twilight’ is not only thing with vampires in it that I obsess about. I love Vampires I general.
3. The USA. I swear I should have been born there. I dream of travelling the US one day. New York, San Francisco and LA are on my list of places I must see.
4. Writing. It doesn’t matter whether I’m writing some crazy story about the insane dream I had the night before, whether I’m writing on a blog, or whether I’m writing music; I just love writing!
5. Taylor Swift. My idol. She’s inspires me in about a million ways. Her music has both saved me, and reminded me I’m not alone. I just love her for being the down to earth, genius that she is =)
6. Sugar. And I don’t mean sugar as in raw sugar; I mean any food that has sugar in it. Ha, it’s honestly my downfall. I try to eat healthy (well, during the week I do, on a weekend the ‘healthy plan’ kind of goes out the window =D), but then my mum buys cheesecake or chocolate…and I’m ruined. In fact, I’m currently eating chocolate as I write this….says it all!
7. Music. Both playing it and listening to it. Although I don’t think I’d call an obsession really? I think most people think the same about music? Either way, I couldn’t live without it =)
8. Reading. I love reading as much as I love writing. I’m a total dreamer, and as a dreamer I find that when I read, it takes me to this place that is out of this world. I know all you dreamers out there will understand what I mean =)
9. Cats. Yep, it’s true, major cat lady here =D 
10. Blogging/Internet/Polyvore/Tumblr. I’m wayyyyy more obsessed with Polyvore and Tumblr than I should be…I just can’t help it! Hahahaha…

I now tag: @kara-art @indiejordan1251 @iiveh @artsyfashion 

Sorry if you don't do tags guys. If you don't, just ignore this. If you do, have fun!

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Ps. HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! Probably won't be making another set until after New Years Eve so. Just want to say a huge thank you to you all for a fab 2012 on Poly, your support continues to amaze me, all my love...

April =) xxxx
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