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I twirled a strand of hair around my finger as I wandered aimlessly with my parents. 

"Ziz dhress lookz jus like ze one mi maman had back in Paris." My mother muttered, giving her outlook on every piece of fashion in the building. 

"I remember my co-star wore something like this in my movie back in the 90s, number one in the box office back then." I rolled my eyes, why did I have to have the most annoying parents in the room? 

"I'm going to go uhm, yeah." I walked away before my parents could say anything, not that they would, they were much to enthralled with staring at the fashion exhibits and being the center of attention. 

I noticed Sienna standing a bit away and headed over, she was standing on the outskirts of a large group of people. 

"Who was that?" I asked, catching a glimpse of a tall, prim man. 

"My father." Sienna sighed, like she was annoyed or something. 

"But...isn't that the Duke?" I asked, then smirked, putting two and two together, "You're the princess?"

She nodded.

"D's going to love this," I grabbed her arm, passing Mila and Viv listening halfheartedly to the President drone on about one thing or another. "Hey, Di, D?" I beckoned her over with a finger, and after finally hearing me she looked up, Lacey at her side. 

"I'll be just a moment," Di said to Lacey, who was too busy staring at some outfit on the wall. 

"Did you know Sienna's the princess?" I asked, Di and I shared a knowing look and then Diana looked over to Sienna, slowly sizing her up. 

"Is she now?" 

"Yeah." Sienna responded.

"Well that's good to know, but it's not like Queenie will care." Diana pointed out, I shrugged, it was true. 

"I'm going to get a drink, care to join me, Si?" Sienna nodded and I waved to Di who was still smirking, I winked at her and then turned back. 

"How are you going to manage a drink with your parents in the room? Which reminds me, now that you know /my/ parents who are yours?" Sienna asked, turning the tables on me. I rolled my eyes and pointed over to where my parents were mingling with Diana's, Lacey's, Ross's, Viv's, Abby's, and some other parents that I recognized to be big shots in the political world. 

"No way," Sienna said, giggling, "Your dad is Clayton Constance? Sh*t he was like the biggest actor! My mom loves him! Frankly I do too," Sienna finished. 

"Ew, there are some things I don't need to know." 

"Your mom is the French Ambassador?" Sienna continued.

"Yezzz, she izzzz." I responded, mocking my mother's accent, the two of us laughed and sat down at the bar. 

"Back to my other question, how are you going to manage drinking?" She whispered. 

"I don't think you know this yet, but here, our parents don't care if we have a glass of champagne, it's considered classy." I lifted a finger and the bartender poured two cups of champagne, handing each of us a flute. 

"Hey, b-tch." I heard a deep voice say behind me, I turned around and I swear my face must have exploded. 

"Kam!" Sienna gave me a confused looked. "Holy f-ck where have you been?!" I asked. 

"Vegas, baby." Kam winked and sat down, a cigar in one hand and a bottle of scotch in the other; the epitome of rich and careless.

"How'd you manage that." I asked, smiling. 

"My brother and his friends," Kam shrugged. 

"Why didn't Ross go with you?" I asked.

"Do we look like the CareBear sharing circle?" Kam retorted, I smirked. 

Sienna shifted awkwardly next to me and I looked at her, realizing I'd left her out. 

"Oh, Kam this is Sienna, she's Matt's new girl." I said, my voice a little bitter towards the end. 

"Nice meeting you." Kam smiled charmingly and Sienna giggled. 

"Sienna here is a Princess." I added, Kam chuckled. 

"Well just to let you know Sienna, Matt isn't much of a Prince, but I'm sure he wouldn't mind throwing on a tiara and a dress. I think I have a picture somewhere..." 

"Oh great, another cross dresser?" Sienna joked, and Kam and I laughed.

This was the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

[weird story, but i had to introduce kam. anyways, in the next story i'm going to include everyone who wanted to be in my other set that i'm just going to leave without one.] (;
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