we are never getting back together . ♥ 
that song made me like taylor swift a LOT more. 
love it. 
& yes the lyrics up thur are bridgit mendler's ' ready or not ' i surprisingly love both songs. 
SUE ME! whatever though, i won't be on a lot this week, so i'm doing one letter right now! 

{ + letter twenty one 

t o : @/breebaby 

2 1 . 
dear breez. ~ 
so first off, i'd like to apologize for the set & i promise i'll make you another one! maybe one with a letter, possibly. but i have been busy & sorry if i offended you by doing @/katienataliabieber 's. okay, anyways, you are my big seestur<3 though they are lots of girls on here that say i'm their little sister, you've got to be a top favorite;) you are the texas sass master. i'm the atl sass master. even though i'm from texas too. but juz10 has a closer relationship to atlanta sooo. basically, bieber needs to marry me from the advice of his little sister. looks like justin bieber threw up on it. i love that you are quite honest & opinionated. i absolutely despise people in which can not tell me the truth. does this dress make me look fat? well, yes, yes it does. 

plus, you are super duper purdy & don't tell me you're not cause i will... do something, okay? you are da winnay to my pigwit. you are also vanessa to my stella. even though i don't like vanessa & you don't like stella. lawl. that's not one of our top relationships, k. you are also the kendall to my kylie. oooor, the kourtney to my kim. br0 idek who is older.. 

i forget exactly how we met, or when we first talked. but i do remember how i found out about you. you & one of your friends, caitlin i think used to write each letters all the time. & i wondered what you were talking about so, i clicked on her set & saw she had like a collection full of letters for you. then i went to your account & saw you liked beebur. and boom. 

so for the wait & the skipping, i made your letter extra long. but i think it didn't come out as long as i wanted

love you, big sister. 

- ♥ beekah / piglet / kylie / stella.
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