july | 6 | tuesday |
uh oh, parents day. thats right. everyones parents are coming down to check in with their children, just to make sure they aren't involved in some crazy shit. little do they know we are pretty much all hungover from the night before. the eiffel tower restaurant will be full of parents trying to make amends with their children and maybe even trying to drag them back home. if you dont have any parents, you'll be there with some friends. alone.

When mom called and said she wanted to come up for a visit from Oregon I was shocked. My mom always believed in me, my dad not so much but thank goodness he wasn't coming. She supported my dream for modeling through her busy schedule of working two jobs to support me and my two younger siblings. And when she came to visit of course she had to bring Alice and Britton, my elementary schooled brother and sister.
"Can I drink my apple juice in this one, mommy?" Britton picked up a wine glass in front of him and pretended to drink from it. I quickly grabbed it and put it out of his reach. Oh my God they are sooo embarrassing! Thank goodness they were only staying for the day. So far, I had shown them my apartment, introduced them to my besties, shown them around and now we were all eating at the Paris restaurant with the group's parents at different tables. And none of them had loud, obnoxious siblings licking empty wine glasses. 
But it was good to see them again and catch up face-to-face again. I told my mom everything except George who I had only met (and texted constantly but not too much) a couple of nights ago. 
"You had to bring them?" I muttered to my mom.
"They miss you, honey. We all do." she said with a smile. 
"I wanna try!" It happened so fast i can't believe i didn't see it: Just as I flashed Gia a ''how much longer??'' smile across the cafe, Alice reached over be to grab the wine glass, playfully, knocking over her chocolate milk which splashed all over my strapless mini dress. 
I stood in horror wiping the chocolate goo with every napkin at the table.
"Sorry! I'm sorry Rinnie! I didn't mean to! I--"
"It's ok!" I hissed. "Just help me clean it up!!" I didn't mean to be that harsh toward her. 
When the waitress brought another cup of milk to her she first offered me some. 
"Nah," I said. Then I thought of something to lighten the mood to make her laugh and said "Ok gimme that. Watch." And tipped it to the tip of my nose, revealing a chocolate mustache lining the top of my lip. 
They both exploded in a fit of giggles, passing around the cup to give themselves their own mustaches. I kissed them on the top of their heads, laughing.
"Love you."
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