Name: Indigo "Indy" Parker
Age: 18
Based on: Violet Parr (The Incredibles)
Believer or non-believer: Believer
Likes: music, fashion magazines, her family, being different, sci-fi movies, comic books
Dislikes: her personality in the past, her father's co-worker, sad songs, salty snacks, being told not to do stuff, overwhelming people
Occupation: Student and part-time barista 
Personality: Confident and outgoing
Bio: Indigo used to be the girl no one would ever notice at school. She was shy and introverted and avoided talking to her classmates. This all changed the minute Indigo started believing: according to the curse, her real name is Violet Parr and she's a superhero. Indy obviously wanted to believe that, because that would mean that she wasn't a loser, as she thought. Her personality change worked and soon enough she found herself dating her high-school crush, Ashton. But believing in the curse has made her paranoid and Indigo feels that there's a threat hiding at every corner, something that she can't control in here, because she doesn't have powers.
Relationship status: Dating her high school crush, Ashton Bird (Josh Hutcherson)
Model: Emma Dumont
Taken by: @ingrid


Hey, so I'm Indigo, you can call me Indy. I love to make new friends, so hit me up!

(Friends? Bffs? Acquaintances? Enemies? Let me know!)
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