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Name: Rebecca Matoaka Tala Nadie Kai Powhatan

Age: (between 18 and 30) 18
Based on: Pocahontas

Believer or non-believer: Believer 
Likes (at least 6): Freedom, Escape, new things, nature, being crazy, going out, casinos, love, men 
Dislikes (at least 6): Chains, jail, the dark, winter, people making her do things, staying in one place, ignorance, men who think they own the world. 
Occupation (if applicable): She works in the surf shop on the beach since she lives on the Reservation 
Personality: Noble, calm, caring, resourceful, wise, brave, bold, patient, humble, curious, outgoing, adventurous, peaceful, outspoken, strong-willed, independent, free-spirited, open-minded, tactful, determined, stubborn, willful, headstrong
Bio: Becca is extremely beautiful young woman with exotic good looks, long raven-black hair, copper skin and twinkling dark brown eyes. She has a tall, slender, statuesque figure. She was born into a highly sophisticated Native American culture born and raised on the reservation. Her father is the chief. She has been a huge part of the tribe since she was a little girl. Her mother was a local, but she fell in love with the beach and rez. Her mother was the first non tribe member to marry, and the chief it was the scandal of the century. The tribe is very private and very traditional. The Powhatan tribe is still very much alive even in the modern days. It’s why Becca has so many names they all mean High Spirited Wolf Wise like a willow tree. It’s a mouthful but it’s true about her. Her grandmother is named Kai Nadie, she is the oldest and smartest in the tribe. Becca is very close to her they are very much alike, Becca asks her about everything. Becca’s family is always on the beach, the kids on the rez are always hanging out and she’s one of the only teenage girls in the tribe. Her best friend in the whole wide world is Fred “Freddie” Kocoum Rowtag. He and she were born three days apart and it seems like that’s the only times in their lives they have been apart. They are joined at the hip. They would die for each other. They always are finding something next and fun to do going to see what around the riverbed. Becca’s only girl friend in the world is Kimi she is another rare teenager girl in the tribe, she is close with becca also. Becca is 18 she is taking a year off to decide what to do with her life. Most kids on the rez don’t even go to college. Becca is one of the only people who have the choice because her Uncle, the black sheep of the family went off and built a casino in Boston. And he told her he’d pay for her school, and he gave her a card with compete access to his money. Becca is noble, free-spirited, and highly spiritual young woman. She expresses wisdom beyond her years and offers kindness and guidance to those around her. She loves adventure and nature. She’s loyal to her friends and family and would be put her life on the line to save them. She’s very proud of her heritage and she will stand up for her people. 
Relationship status: Single and not looking, which is exactly when all is found 
Model: Melanie Iglesias 
Taken by: @strawberry-girl

Back up:
1: Thumbelina- Candice Swanepoel 
2. Esmeralda Hutchback of notre dame- Adriana Lima
3. Sleeping beauty- Blake Lively 

Kimi and I were making bracelets; it was like a second nature to us. 
“We should go cliff driving” I said after the fifth bracelet. 
“There’s a tribe meeting tonight we might not make it back” Kimi claimed. I groaned “Don’t do that, I want to, I do but I have to help my mom” 
“So do I but we’re teenagers we should do what we want when we want”
“Don’t say you only Live one” Kimi cried 
“No we are reborn when we die duh! Listen to your culture” I teased 
 “No because if I did we’d all be stoned off our asses and you’d be a princess” She declared her tone slightly jealous and other annoyed I loved her for not taking my crap but she needed to take the stick out of her ass and live a little, she’s still a virgin. 
“I’m the princess of broken dreams” I said seriously but I meant it jokingly but then I notice I was right my people came from Jamestown Virginia to Halcyon, Massachusetts. 
Kimi frowned at that “You’re right I don’t want to be the princess of our people” 
“Sad history we went complete one eighty on the culture and if my mother wasn’t Latina and she was white the tribe would have never let my dad marry her.” I miss my mom she travels all over the world, she’s a photographer she goes where the wind takes her, I like to paint myself, I love color, all the colors of nature the purples the blues the greens the grey, the reds and the oranges. 
Later Kimi and I were in a canoe I made all by myself I might add I only say that because it took me a month to do it and I’m proud of it. I’m bragging actually. 
Kimi wouldn’t cliff dive with me so I did it myself from the highest cliff and jumped perfectly into the water swam underwater “Show off” Kimi grumbled “Don’t think I’m coming in after you” She crossed her arms and I flipped the canoe over dumping her in the water I laughed and we were both under the canoe “Ever think we’re getting a little old for this?” she joked and I tossed water at her and she laughed and tossed it back at me. 
“We’re never too old for fun” I commented 
“We’re 18 Tala” Kimi called me by that name it was her nickname for me but also because when we met I was wearing a wolf fur blanket we were babies. I call her chepi it means fairy it’s because she’s obsessed with them. I’ve known her all my life just like Freddie. Rugrats till the end. 
“18 not 30 we can’t even gamble yet” I don’t know why gambling came to my mind, must be a Native American thing casinos. 
“We have to get serious about our lives” Kimi lectured 
“I have a year to figure it all out, and in the year I’m going to paint, and have as much fun as I can” 
“I don’t have a rich uncle who gives me money to buy clothes and hair stuff and expensive things” Again I could feel she was jealous. I don’t understand why I’m not that special. 
I sighed “You have natural beauty you don’t need all that you could walk around naked, with your hair washed using flowers and you’d still be the most attractive girl in the tribe” I smiled 
She laughed “No Tala, you’re so blind sometimes, so native” 
I frowned I didn’t like Native it reminded me to much of the word stupid. 
“I think we should get back let’s go” I said swimming under the canoe tipping back over getting inside my bikini clinging to me, I looked at Kimi her shorts and tank top were soaked so much I laughed “Oh Chepi” 
She climbed into the canoe and cursed at me. I just laughed. 
We made it back to the tribe and my father was waiting, my mother was in Rome. My father was back from a “Spirit journey” meaning he took all the men to go get high in a tent and sweat for three days, but also it was Fred’s time to do the man challenge to be a mighty warrior, it’s like avatar a bit right of passage then he can take a wife she can be in the tribe, but these days who knows anymore. 
We pulled the canoe on shore “Father” I said hugging him, I love my dad I do, but he wants me to more involved with the old ways of the tribe. “Welcome home” 
“I was sad to see you not here when I returned” He said his voice was wise always but different cares caring wise, zen wise, disappointed wise. 
“It’s call a cell phone father you should get one” I defeated even though I left it 
“Modern technology enslaves you Matoaka” I hate that name, it means free spirit but it’s ugly and it sounds like a boy’s name, I like Rebecca better, I thank my mother for naming me that. 
I am highly spiritual even though it looks like I’m not I have my faith but I also like to live life to the fullest. 
The meeting was pretty normal and the same as every single one but Freddie was the center of attention He killed bear in the wild with a bow and arrow and I didn’t want to eat it but it would have been insulting not to. I sat next to Freddie as we were eating and he must have noticed my tiny bites because I usually take monster bites 
“You’re complaining about the bear meat” Freddie chuckled “I had to eat the heart” He grimaced 
“Ew brush your teeth like 50 times tonight and rinse with a whole bottle of mouth wash” I suggested 
“Trust me I will I’m chewing gum right now to get the taste out of my mouth” He didn’t need to tell me he was chewing like a cow. 
“So you’re a man now” I teased 
“If getting high, and having visions, fighting and then killing a bear is becoming a man then yes” He nodded 
“You have to get married now don’t you?” I asked, Freddie wasn’t isn’t anyone, I knew we talked about that stuff. 
“I don’t have to, it’s modern times they have to deal with it” he decided 
“We’re really into old traditions though, my dad doesn’t even have a cell phone” I informed him 
“Well we’re not smart enough to have a casino” Freddie joked and I laughed 
“He’s on the account too he never touches it” I told him the account was my Uncle’s he said he had so much money he could spare but my dad is to proud. 
“He’s too old fashioned Becca he’ll come around he knows the modern world is something you enjoy he’ll embrace it” He said as my dad garbled down his hamburger we laughed “Like he embraces the burgers” 
“Freddie I don’t know what I’d do without you” I said sincerely, he needed to hear it 
“You’d probably die of loneness” He said jokingly but the sincerity was there also 
I laughed “So what’s your tribe name now” He was Kocoum in the tribe but when you become a man you get another 
“Mantotohpa Yuma” 
“Four bears, son of the chief where does that come from” I asked the first part names sense he killed a bear but he’s not the son of chief I suppose he’s like a son. 
He shrugged, “I don’t know I don’t name myself, look at your name High Spirited, yes Wolf I think you’re more an eagle that’s your spirit animal not a wolf, wise like a willow tree is good” 
“And I get another name when I get married” I added so many names we’d branched and did our own thing you’ll not find the same tribe like us 
“MAKKITOTOSIMEW should be your name” He joked, I glared at him and elbowed him that meant ‘woman who has large breast “Or Peta” 
“I like Peta it’s short easy to remember” I said simply 
“It’s not for you to choose though but your husband” 
“Well I’m going to force him to name me that it can go right next to wolf Golden eagle wolf it’s mouthful either way” I laughed 
“Your mom gave you Rebecca so be happy, then your dad High spirited and wolf because that’s his name and then your mother wanted to honor your grandma so she gave you your grandma names” 
“I like your name it’s simple Fredrick Kocoum Mantotohpa Yuma Rowtag”
“Hot Pedifile four bears son of chief fire” 
“Your father name was kocoum, you killed a bear and ate it’s heart and you’re like a son of my father on fire” I smiled 
“Hot Pedifile” He repeated 
I laughed and he joined in 
Later my father called Fred and me into our house my father and mine. 
“Rebecca I want you to be happy you know that right and that I love you” 
“Of course dad” I said scared I was happy Freddie was beside me or I’d scream 
“I want you two to marry each other” he said evenly 
Fred and I looked to each other at the same time then back to my father we said in Unison “You want us to do want?”
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