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~Firefly, Ed Sheeran [eyebrow girl]



"--floor two. Here's your key. Enjoy your stay at the Waldorf-Astoria!" I handed a hotel key to a man and his family. Once they were gone, I checked my watch. My shift was finally over and I was extremely thankful because today had been a long day.

I was also very excited because Harry, my fellow-Canadian best friend, and I were going to see a movie together like we used to when we were younger. He was my best friend and I was so happy he moved out here. Turned out he got hired and now he lives in a apartment not too far away from where he works. I loved having Harry back in my life again, and it had only been a few weeks. He was like the brother that I never had and he was as fun as always.

On my way out, I was momentarily blinded by something shiny and dazzling. It didn't take long for me to discover that it was--a ring. And it was perfectly wrapped out Margot's dainty little hand. Margot, oh the sight of her just made me want to exit the building immediately (which was what I was trying to do). Especially recently, after she'd met Harry (who she apparently knew from high school?) and it was ticking me off. She had just gotten engaged and she had been talking excessively about it /all/ day. It was like my ears almost became immune to her voice, but now she had me cornered and I couldn't avoid her.

I blinked a few times to clear my vision. "Whoa, that /thing/ is /bright/." I said negatively, feeling slightly vexed. 

"I'm sorry," Margot apologized insincerely. "I'm getting married you know--" she stretched out her hand and admired the ring. 

"Oh, I know," I sighed, "You've personally informed twice." I tried not to smirk or laugh.

Margot stepped back a little. "Have I? Pardon me, it's just that getting engaged is not something that happens daily." she gushed, smiling from ear to ear. She said all this with many exaggerated hand gestures that brought undue attention to her engagement ring. 

I was more than relieved when she left. The girl was testing my patience! She was irritating enough, but now that she's "getting married" her annoying personality has escalated. I didn't care one bit about her ring or her fiance or her engagement or her wedding. Marriage was stupid (I should know) and fake. Hollywood had confirmed that for me recently, not that I needed to be reminded since I dwell on my failed "marriage" almost every day. Not as much as before, but I certainly haven't forgotten. 


After checking my phone for the hundredth time, I began to get a little worried. Harry usually always answered my text messages. He was known for being incredibly punctual. Maybe he was already /at/ the theater. Deciding to meet him at the theater, I caught a taxi and waited for him when I got there. Feelings of anxiety overwhelmed me. It felt kind of strange. It was not like Harry was my boyfriend or that this was a /date/. No, not at all. It was just a fun way to spend time together. When we were teens, we always did this kind of stuff! I only thought of Harry as a friend. A close friend, but that's all. It wouldn't feel right to be his "girlfriend". He was like my brother!

Friends... that's all. But then why did I suddenly get perturbed when Harry was a few minutes late? It was aberrant of me to get so concerned. I finally got a text from him. He said he'd be here in five minutes. That was endurable, five minutes. When he eventually came, we greeted each other and hugged like normal; something we always do. But this time it seemed longer than usual. I personally didn't mind. I got a weird feeling in my stomach. It was like butterflies, that cliche expression. The feeling I got when I first met Leo. I tried my best to dismiss the odd sensation. 

"Why are you late?" I scolded him playfully. "I've been waiting here for an hour!" I lied. It had definitely felt like an hour. "You better have a really good excuse, mister."

Harry chuckled. "Traffic was jammed, Jaz. Sorry for making you wait." 

"What about my text messages? Were they jammed too?" I posed, smiling smugly. 

"Sorry about that. I couldn't attend to my phone. My new job has a strict policy on that." he atoned. 

Just then, I noticed how attractive Harry was. As if for the first time, but it wasn't really the first time. Back in school, I had acknowledged that fact but I never had thought much about it since we'd been friends since diapers practically. I was pretty much a tomboy in those days, so I guessed Harry didn't find me attractive (at least he's never said it to my face). 

"Being a businessman is a tough job,eh?" I joked.

"Not tough, just strict." he smiled, then looked around the vacant theater. "Well I guess the movie is probably over now. Can we go out for dinner or something instead?" he offered, looking into both of my eyes at once, like he was searching for my response. 

I nodded, secretly feeling very, very, very happy. "Let's go. I'm starving!" Which was true, I was. That strange feeling in my stomach came back. 

So we got in his car, and started driving to the restaurant. To an onlooker, it might have looked like a cute couple was going out to eat. But we weren't a couple. We were friends. Nothing more. Harry probably felt the same way. 

xx Jaz

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