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My favourite movie with Emma Stone is The Amazing Spider-Man.
This set is based of Emma's role as Gwen Stacy in Spider-Man because I used photos and a quote from the movie and also an outfit inspired by Gwen's style.

- Use ɑ picture of your ɑctress in your set [ 2 points ]

- Include in the description of your set why you love this ɑctress [ 2 points ]
I love Emma because she's not only a beautiful and very talented woman but has also an amazing personality. I love how she's really down to earth even though she's so famous. 
- Include ɑ fun fɑct ɑbout your ɑctress in the description of your set. [ 2 points ] 
Emma's birth name is actually Emily but she had to change it when joining the Screen Actors Guild because Emily Stone was already taken.
- Write in the description why thɑt movie is your fɑvorite of thɑt ɑctress [ 2 points ]
I always loved the old Spider-Man movies and thought the remake couldn't be that awesome but it totally was. I now love the new movie even more than the old ones and a huge reason for that is Emma. I think she's perfect for the role of Gwen Stacy.
- Tɑg your group members in your set telling them to enter [ 1 points ]
- In the description of your set, write whɑt extrɑ credit you did [ 1 point ] 
All of it.

Teɑm;; Emma Stone 
Extrɑ Credit;; 1O/ 1O points
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