- genevive karolina dunn, 21
• birthday: march 1st
• from: rio de janeiro, brazil
• genevive is a firecracker with a personality as fiery and electric as her hair. she doesn’t take any shit from any one and isn’t afraid to put somebody back in their place if they deserve it. she’s the type of girl you’d want on your side in a fight. she’s headstrong and can be stubborn at times when it comes to getting what she wants. of course though the boys love her and the girls have mixed feelings over her but either way when it comes down to it, g can be an amazing friend. let’s just say if someone breaks your heart, she isn’t afraid to break their x-box. but the only crack in her fortress is her dad, whom she hasn’t talked to in years after they got into a fight when g left for college. maybe all she needs is to fix their relationship to fill the void that alcohol and partying just can’t seem to fix.
• model: Audrey Kitching
taken by: xshadesofblackx♥

1. genevive karolina dunn
2. elisabeth emerald wood, 21
3. christina esme vaughn, 20
A low groan slid from pink smeared tiers, one espresso eye cracking opening then the other. All she could see was pink, sputtering a bit with the cotton candy curtain in her face. Reaching up to push long strands back as she rolled onto her back from her stomach, glancing to the pillow, "Looks like a clown made out with it.." She giggled at her own joke of the make-up she forgot to remove now smoothed over the cream colored satin. Holding her head as she went to sit up, her hand reaching out for the alarm clock, "Noon.. Early riser.."

Setting the clock back down, she turned around on the bed to put her feet around on the floor. A loud snore suddenly sounded behind her and she started, her eyes wide as she looked over her shoulder at a wiry guy with plenty of tattoos and a fallen jet mohawk. Her dark brow arched and she smiled, "-Que sorte-.." She muttered under her breath, adjusting her top as she crawled back to the spot next to him, leaning over the guy to gently poke his chest. "Hello? You need to wake up.. I have class in a hour.."

The guy opened his eyes and smiled, reaching up to draw her down for a kiss. His plush lips still tasting of tequila and cigarettes, a usual taste for guys found in her bed.

A bit surprised Gen almost punched him but the guy was a good kisser so she lingered. She could miss the next class. It wasn't that important.
Sorta short but if I get the part the other ones should be longer. :) Google translate told me that 'Que sorte' was the correct Portuguese for What luck.. Sounded about right.
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