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NOW dear Poly friends, it's time for my Poly story, as in how I found out about it and got really hooked on it. Haha I wanted to make a set for it because it's kind-of a long story.

So, I've been on Polyvore for FOUR WHOLE YEARS. WOW. THAT'S INSANE. So, what happened four years ago you ask?

I was a 14-year-old girl, fresh out of middle school. It was the summer before I went into high school, which was summer 2008 (so technically it hasn't been exactly 4 years yet) and I was still hooked on The Clique series.

Yes, most of you are probably familiar with this series. Well, I was very familiar. You see, I was immensely obsessed. I have every single Clique book including the prequel, the summer series collection with the Glossip Girls, and the Cliquetionary. I have the movie too.

Like I said, I was #OBSESSED. 

Anyway, since like probably 2007ish (7th grade - 8th grade) I would go on these Clique sites and discuss the books with other fans. I even made my own Clique site on freewebs that's probably still up... Anyway, I made my own and had lots of Clique fan friends that I chatted with and such. We pretended to write our own Clique books and predicted what would happen in the new ones and talked about our favorite characters. We even held "Pretty Committee" castings where we would write a little story in the point of view of one of the characters and like RP.

I was a complete dork I know. But work with me here, I have to tell all this to get to how I found Polyvore. I promise it's coming.

So I was ALWAYS Massie. Like I always got to RP her and she was always my favorite. After my Clique site had been up for awhile, one of my friends on there who loved Dylan the best, asked me and 3 other girls if we wanted to start our own PC site that was separate and we would actually RP (pretend to be) them the entire time and not just talk about the books and such on my site. This was at the beginning of summer 2008. So I agreed along with the 3 other girls and the one who was going to be Dylan created a new freewebs for our new PC site. It was basically a site where you could "ask the Pretty Committee" for advice, talk with them, and read about their weekly lives etc etc etc. So I was Massie, and the other girl was Dylan, and of course we had an Alicia, Claire, and Kristen. We created our own site and all pretended to be the PC and people that came on knew that though some girls legit thought we were them and it was a bit scary...

Again, ANYWAY, we all decided we need to post outfits daily/weekly so that people coming on the site could see what the PC really wears. Being Massie, I had to come up with the best, designer outfits. First I just searched clothes online and put them in a Paint document (haha so amateur I know) and uploaded that document to our site. But then, when I was searching...


It was a miracle. I began making sets strictly for my PC site as Massie. (Here's my first set haha: http://www.polyvore.com/massies_summer_oufit/set?id=2056234) 

But then I started getting the hang of it and liking making sets that weren't just for Massie. SO ever since then Polyvore and I have been best friends and I eventually ditched my PC site once no one else went on and I kinda outgrew the books though I have read all of them and they'll always have a special place in my heart haha.

Of course during my sophomore year I believe I took like a 6-month-ish break from Poly. But I came back and I'm so glad I did because I love it. I had missed RPing (my first RP was a prepster one omg... haha but then I got into high fashion I think within my first year on Polyvore). My first major high fashion RP was EWSS and it closed so I kinda took a break from Poly but I missed it. I also missed talking to people though before my break I didn't really have any really good Poly-friends, definitely not like I do now :)

So that's my Poly story, or how I came to find out about Polyvore. 4 years ago it's crazy! I love this site so much, it's such a creative and fun outlet and I've met some amazing people here I love you all! Thanks for always being there and reading all my stories and just everything! <3

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