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Melody, MTW

I walked to a shopping center to pick up some dinner. Eating Top Ramen every day was getting old. Thankfully the grocery store wasn't too far, because I wasn't used to walking this much. I strode lazily down the sidewalk, since I was in no rush. Living on my own was fun, but it was also boring at times. I had no where to be, nothing to do. It could be a bad thing, but I'm going to let it be a good thing. I'm free, after all. That definitely outweighs all the cons. 

I paused on my way into the grocery store. I caught sight of a magazine on a rack by the entrance. In big, bold letters printed was:


Before picking up the tabloid, I thought about it. Did I want to read this? Did I really? The answer was yes. When I was a celebrity, I avoided tabloid magazines to the point where I hardly noticed them anywhere because the rumors were always completely inaccurate. But now I wasn't famous. And I had the strong desire to flip to the cover article and find out what was being said about me. 

I leaned back against the magazine rack. There was a picture of a worried looking Veronica on the page. For some reason, I laughed. She deserved to be worried. 

According to the article, I had had to cancel my tour, signings, and other appearances due to my sudden bout of flu. After I recovered from my sickness, I had gotten lost at an airport. I could be anywhere. Someone could have kidnapped me. I might have run away on purpose. As I read on, I discovered that there were countless search teams looking for me all around the world. There was also a huge reward for the person or persons who found me. 

The whole time, I was laughing hysterically. I was probably creeping out the passerby but I couldn't care less. It was so funny. The article was part true, part false. No wonder these tabloids sell so well, they're so entertaining. I set the magazine back on the rack and walked into the grocery store but stopped midway. 

They were looking for me! Of course I knew they would be looking for me but I didn't think it would start so soon. I was appreciative that no one had recognized me yet. Or maybe they had recognized me but hadn't confronted me. At the laundromat, people stared at me. When I walked around in stores or down the street, I noticed people giving me double-takes. For the last week, I went around wearing sunglasses that covered a good 70 percent of my face and a large hat. I can't keep up this charade. If they found me, if anyone found me, I couldn't imagine what would happen. My freedom would be taken away from me. Again. 

I wasn't going to let that happen. 

Luckily the hair salon was right next to the grocery store. I decided I could live off of noodles for the rest of week. It was more important for me to disguise myself. I went inside with blonde hair on my head and walked out with natural-looking unrecognizable brunette hair. 

I looked at my reflection in a random car mirror. I loved how it looked. I couldn't remember the last time I had dark brown hair. I knew my natural color was brunette but ever since I was little, my hair was routinely dyed blonde for my image. It was a big change, but it felt right. Melody Xi was known for her blonde hair. But Melody /Acosta/ is a brunette. It was exactly what I needed. Maybe with my new /hair/, I could be motivated enough to do something with my new /life/. 

xx Melody

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Wrote 4 years ago
@luxecouture Oh okay! By the way, I have a plan for Melody and Alexa....well sort of...

Wrote 4 years ago
Oh well when I read it I guess I skipped that oops.... well I guess I just liked it because she couldn't really "live" herself with Veronica, Veronica was almost living her life for her, and now she gets to really live.

Wrote 4 years ago
@luxecouture It's actually "Living on my own was fun", but thanks. Why did you love that part...not trying to sound rude..but I don't get it! hhaha :)
Thanks! <3

Wrote 4 years ago
"Living was my own fun" <--- LOVE THAT
I love this. She needs her own life! Can't wait for more :)


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