Her grip on the doll was tight. He had to put her here. They had been running. She didn't know what from. She didn't really care either. She just wanted him to come back. Desperately. He had known her since she was a child. She was older now, but her innocence refused to be shaken. Doe-eyed, sad, and full of wishful thinking. A ruffled creme colored dress, with little bow accents accentuated what a child she was on the inside. She had a key around her neck, it unlocked the house deep in the woods. Trembling gloved hands turned the doorknob.The door old, the wood warped from the elements. The hinges creaked so loudly it made her shiver. Stockings that had been high on her thighs, now fell to her calves, she felt the left stocking finally fall to the top of her boots. Really only noticing as the cold air from the house hit her. He gave her a lantern, told her there was a bed, with blankets upstairs, and there should be food in the cupboards. He said he would be back. He promised. He said he would be back. He swore. He said he would be back. He vowed. She watched him walk away, through a dirty window. Knowing he would be back. Maybe not today, tonight or tomorrow. But eventually, he would return. Hopefully, she would still be there.
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