~ "Safe and Sound" byTaylor Swift, featuring the Civil Wars

I really want to read the Hunger Games now! I think that series will be on my birthday wish list. ♥ Can't wait to see Josh Hutcherson and Jennifer Lawrence play Peeta and Katniss - based on the trailer and interviews I've seen of them, I think they're perfect for the roles!

How has your weekend faired thus far? For me, I'm happy 'cause it snowed today. (: That can always perk a girl up.

But now, to bed! I love you darlings so so much and if you ever need a pick-me up, go listen to "Safe and Sound", drink some hot cocoa and watch "Revenge" on ABC - that's what always makes me feel better.

Or I sing to the Spanish version of "Woka Woka" by Shakira in my best friend's car. That's pretty fun too (;

Big hugs and all my love,

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Je t'aime;?

Je t'aime;?

&& i l o v e you. ♥
passed from O N E [bestfriendd] to the O T H E R . ♥
&+ ii TRY to [[RUN]] but i keep on. . . c o m i n ' back. . . [[full circle]] ♥
meripiee&&'laynahhthroughTHiCKK&THiNN. ♥
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Preppy Perfection;; ♥

Preppy Perfection;; ♥

Welcome to Preppy Perfection and thanks for joining :)
Preppy Perfection is a group for the PREPPiEST girls on Polyvore ♥ (:
So put on your lip gloss && trade your sweats in for a cute, peppy mini
&& gett your sets on(: ♥
Submit your sets here and join the contests.
Anyone can join :)
Have fun and be yourself (:

Christian Girls on Polyvore.?*

Christian Girls on Polyvore.?*

This group is for all those Christian girls on Polyvore(: I'm going to try to post daily Bible verses & take prayer requests. There might be a contest or two in the future. You can put any sets in this group, as long as nothing innapropiate is posted. If you have a prayer request please PM me (chelsea) & I'll add it to the prayer board.
Prayer Board..♥
-Please pray for the family of a boy named Jason Rodriguez. He passed away today (02/10/11) He was shot about a week ago & was on life support, but he was brain dead. Please pray for reassurance that he is in a much better place now. ♥
-Please pray for Kaaine. He just commited suicide after getting in a fight with his brother. Please keep his friends & family in your prayers during this tough time. ♥
-Joanna's father reccently passed away about 2 weeks ago. He took his own life out of depresson. He had Parkinsons disease & he was already very unhealthy. He didn't want to be a burden.. Please pray for 13 year old Joanna & please pray for her family. ♥
-Sara is a young girl who tried to commit suicide. Please pray for her & her faimly. Also pray for her friend Paris to stay strong & to share the word during this time. ♥
-Sara just moved to a new school & she didn't make many friends, pray for her to make many new friends & for people to accept her. ♥
-Please pray for Josh, Logan, & Jake. Jake almost committed suicide, Logan wants someone to kill him, & Josh just wants to die. Please pray that a miracle will happen & they all will want to live. ♥
- Please pray for a close friend of a Polyvore member, she is a Christian but wants to commit suicide or wants someone to kill her. Please pray for her to find the strength in the Lord & have her shown that she needs to live. Also pray for her friends & family to keep her strong during this bad time. ♥
- Please pray for the Gusewelle family. They are dear friends of mine and they lost their beloved father and husband early this morning. He died in a car crash at approximately 2:15 this morning. Rest in peace Tom.<33

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