Although the world may seem vast and continents may separate us from each other, we really do live in a small world. At least, that’s how I see it. Somewhere in the world there’s someone experiencing the same kind of joy or the same kind of hurt, more or less. Even though we walk through crowded streets full of strangers, inside we’re all connected. There may be a million differences between you and that stranger next to you, but don’t we all know what it’s like to struggle? What it’s like to worry, to seemingly have no time for the things that matter while we try to get by, what it’s like to experience a loss? Why waste time giving each other a hard time by discriminating, stereotyping, JUDGING - what feeling of accomplishment do we get out of these things? Nothing. Sadly because of these mindless things, the world can never move forward.  But although it may seem impossible to bring about change in this world on our own, we still have to try. If we give up, we’re just allowing ourselves to fall into the cause of what we don’t like most about the world. People say “live life to the fullest” but what does that really mean to you? Does it mean staying out all night and getting no sleep? Or maybe traveling to see parts of the world you’ve never had the chance to see? Sure but don’t forget the little things you can do everyday like…thinking of how you can be of more help to others, doing the best you can do to live healthy, or for once giving yourself the credit you deserve for all the positive things you’ve accomplished, big or small, that no one else took the time to verbally commend you on. To me, this is what it means to live life to the fullest. To know what it’s like to have a love and understanding for people, even some half way across the world whom you’ve never even met but still want to help, and above all to know what it’s like to love yourself.

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