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For Polyvore Academy
 Today was the first day at my new school. First thing I did was set up my dorm. I made up my bed with my sheets, set up my bookshelf, and hung up all my clothes in the closet. Just about when I was going to leave a short girl with pretty long hair and a pretty face walked in. She said "Hi, you must be my dormmate, I'm Amber." She seemed really nice and I was hoping we'd be friends because I don't know many people here yet. I still had a little while before my first class so I offered to help her. It took about a half hour to get her set up. After that we switched schedules and I saw that we had the same first hour. The campus was so big and neither of us really knew where we were going. We had to look at our student maps like ten times. By the time we got to the right building, we were already a few minutes late. We rushed into our classroom, and grabbed the last two seats that were next to each other. I looked to the other side of me to see who else I was going to be sitting next to. He was gorgeous. He had Brown hair and brilliant blue eyes. When he saw me look over at him, he looked at me and smiled. I could could tell that this might be a good year as long as we don't change seats. (:
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