hey girls! i'm here to help you or inspire you of the holidays! these ideas could help you for an upcoming party, any dinners you're going to have with family, or anything else that requires you going out.

on with the tip!

01 ;; casual ♥

If you're a caual gal, like me, you won't go all out this holiday season. Instead of frustrating yourself out by trying to make the perfect outfit, here's an idea if you're a casual girl.

-Christmas colored leggings: You can wear black, red, green leggings. You could get them at Target or at Forever 21. ♥

-Sweater: You can wear a cute, casual pullover to wear with the leggings. ♥

-For shoes, you can wear a pair of classic Vans (red, black) or Converse (red, black, white; low cut) This will complete the look for this casual holiday look. ♥

Maybelline BB Cream ;; I LOVE this. Instead of using a liquid foundation and clogging my pores, I apply this instead. This perfects your skin and I absolutely love this. it gives you amazing results and it's so lightweight. ♥

+Concealer ;; Apply an under-eye concealer to cover up bags under your eyes, this will make your eyes more appealing and make them pop.
If you have any unwanted acne, use an another concealer that will cover any other blemishes. ♥

+Before using any shadow, apply an eye primer on your lid, this will make your shadow stay on longer and the shadow will appear more vibrant. ♥

+On your lid, apply a white shadow all over your lid. You want to use a white shadow because of the holiday season and you won't brag as much attention to your eyes as you want. ♥

+Use a champagne shadow on your crease by using a crease brush. ♥

+The last shadow you'll be using is a light brown under your brow. ♥

+This one's is optional. If you want, you can fill in your brows so they look more fuller and darker than they were before. ♥

+Use a bronzer of your skin tone and apply it on your cheekbones, underneath your chin, and on your hairline (the very top of your forehead) ♥

+Curl lashes so they won't hit any lenses that you may be wearing (sunglasses or regular glasses) ♥

+ Apply mascara for darker and longer lashes ♥

+Another thing that is optional is that you can apply a gel black liner or a cream black shadow ♥

+Apply a clear gloss for shine ♥

+Hair ;;

+Beach waves. 
If your hair doesn't allow heat, then put a braid in at night, then take it out in the morning. ♥
If your hair does, crimp it. ♥

02 ;;Formal ;;

If during holiday season, you love to dress up, then here's an idea for you ;; ♥

Makeup ;; ♥

+BB Cream ;; Perfects skin. ♥

+Concealer ;; For any leftover blemishes on your skin. ♥

+Light brown shadow all over your lid. ♥

+Black liner on upper lid and on waterline ♥

+Curl lashes ♥

+Apply mascara ♥

Hair ;;

+Curl hair by using an 1 inch curling iron. Apply a heat-serum before using any heat to hair. Split hair into sections. When curling, curl AWAY from your face. Hairspray in place. ♥

Outfit ;;

+Cream / white dress :: You can find some cute dresses at Forever 21, Target, H&M, American Apparel, basically any place that has dresses! ♥

Some ideas for a dress is 3/4 sleeve lace dress. Since it's winter, it's most likely you'll be outside and you'll be cold. So a longer sleeved dress will help you stay warmer. ♥

+Underneath the dress, you can put a pair of sheer or regular black tights. 
If you want sheer tights, you can buy a pair at Target. ♥

+Put on a pair of black heels. ♥

+ Put on a black blazer on top of your dress. ♥

03 ; Semi-Formal ;;

Hair ;; 

+Straighten hair then curl it at ends. ♥

Outfit ;;

+Collared Shirt ;; Make sure the shirt has long sleeves. If the shirt doesn't, the outfit won't quite fit together properly. ♥

+Black Dress ;; Over the shirt, put on a classic black dress that's above the knee. The dress could be strapless and a couple inches above the knee. I would recommend having a strapless black dress above the knee because I think it would look much cuter this way. ♥

+Tights ;; Again, we could pair this outfit with black tights. This will make the outfit look more formal. ♥

+Doc Martens ;; You can complete this outfit with Doc Martens. Don't have any? You can solve this problem by replacing them with a pair of boots. ♥

Makeup ;; 

+Eye primer;; This sets your eyelids and make your shadow stay on longer. ♥

+BB Cream ;; This perfects skin and doesn't clog up your pores like liquid foundation does. ♥

+White Shadow ;; Apply this all over your lid and on your inner corners for the winter season and for the holidays. ♥

+Champagne Shadow ;; Apply this on the outer corners of your shadows to make them pop and bring attention to them ♥

+Concealer ;; Put on any under-eye concealer or concealer for any other blemishes ♥

+Light Pink Blush ;; Apply a light blush. After applying it to cheekbones, apply it more upwards so it looks more natural. Or if you don't want a light pink, choose a blush that goes along with your skin tone. ♥

+Curl lashes. ♥

+Apply mascara ♥

+Red Lipstick ;; Since your eye makeup isn't anything edgy or isn't dragging any major attention, bring attention to your lips! ♥

04 ;; Chic

Outfit ;; 

+Plain Black Shirt ;; This outfit is mostly going to be simple, so start off with a top that isn't too outrageous. ♥

+Beige Blazer or Jacket ♥

+Black Jeans ♥

+Boots ;; You can wear a light brown or black ♥

+Scarf ;; For winter's sake, you can look cute and stay warm with a stylish scarf ♥

Makeup ;; 

+BB Cream 

+Concealer ;; To cover up any blemishes. ♥

+Black liner on top lid and waterline ♥

+Mascara ♥

+Clear lipgloss ♥

Hair ;;

+Straight ♥

05 ;; Edgy 

Outfit ;;

+White lace shorts ♥

+Sparkly black tank top ♥

+Converse ♥

+Optional: Black Ripped Tights ♥

Makeup ;; 

+BB Cream ♥

+Concealer ♥

+Eye Primer ♥

+Champagne Shadow ♥

+Black Eyeliner on top lid ♥

+Curl Lashes ♥

+Mascara ♥

+Clear Gloss ♥

Hair ;;

+Straight ♥

Tips ;;

+Make sure your lips are smooth and soft. Before applying any lip products, use a lip balm. 

+Clean brushes before using any makeup products. ♥

+ Do NOT use any shadow brushes twice while using a makeup routine on here. ♥

That's it! PM me @ofmiceandsilence 
xoxo, candice. :) always remember, you're beautiful. never change for anyone. @ofmiceandsilence.

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