So I made a template. NOT sure if anyone would want to fill it but if you like go for it : ) 

Sometimes it seems so silly to put a wishlist together. I honestly cringe when My family asks me what I want for Christmas. Naturally I first say COOKIES and a Great Dinner . To be able to enjoy and celebrate the Holiday with the ones I love. To listen to music and hear the stories that I have heard 100 times prior. . Without a thought I know a few things I will get. My grandmother always gives one apple, one orange a few nuts and scotch tape in our stockings. I love to sweetly tease her about the fact she saves the used wrapping paper and there amazingly is vintage 1950's paper still in the circulation. I love my family, and I feel so grateful and thankful to have them all. I feel so lucky : )

I also feel so lucky to have polyvore and my friends here. we share so much with one another ... I am hoping you all have a fantastic holiday season. A safe and Delightful one : )

So I made another holiday wish list. I have to say this is another ultimate crazy wish list. 

1. Again. I would love and see Polyvore come together for their artists here. I would love to be apart of a gallery showing in NYC with other Polyvore Art Community members. Rightfully I know Polyvore is a business and focuses on Fashion and Style. I think it would be a great opportunity to share with the REAL world art community what we are doing here. With digital collage work. 

2. Yeah that bag is a fancy one that would look great on my arm : ) 

3. I am so in love with the cream Donna Karen dress on the wish list. Might be THE ONE!
considering hunting down that dress and saying yes to it in the next year or so. 

4. I had mentioned before that My computer was old and running slow. I am not sure if anyone is familiar with old mac. NO I don't have the bubble but the mac tiger. with No intel ... I can get on the internet. but I can't update my browser. I can not view anything that uses flash. If you can imagine how silly it is for a graphic designer to not be able to update websites from their own computer. yeah. it could always be worse. and I am honestly hoping to gift myself a computer soon. : )

5. the Hermes camera. ahh! the angels sing and the heavens open up to this pretty camera. 

6. Oh what fun it would be to play intern at polyvore for a few days. what an interesting experience. we all dream about what goes on behind the scenes there. so I think that would be super cool. Besides I need to break out some of my amazing ping pong skills. 

I wanted to mention an idea another member had. a donation click button on the front polyvore page. I am curious about what fashion, style or art related cause we could get our awesome community involved with? hmmm. ...
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