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okay so last night Esme and I had arrived in Los Angeles, and ever since then we have been mega busy. I haven't even gotten sleep since our flight here! and just when we thought our trip was going to be all fun and games, dauddy leaves me a list to do while I'm here so i kinda have to take things seriously since it's involving his company. so in the meantime we had spent our day at the beach, shopping & lurking tattoo shops. as of right now? hanging with a couple of old friends, then sleep time .... BIG day tomorrow. 

p.s. I've kinda been obsessed with "The Damned" lately <3

&&& big news! after or during LA depends if i have time i will be making a couple of Topshop sets promoting Kate's new 2010 summer collection and Topshop's new make up collection as a employee I'm excited for this new idea.
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