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I'm going to ramble about different stuff today. Okay so first I'm very very excited that Paramore came out with their new album this week. I missed them so much! I'm also very glad that ADVENTURE TIME IS FINALLY ON NETFLIX UGH THANK GOD. I feel like I haven't made a set in a while, even though it's been like 3 days. Yeah, I have no life. I feel like books and the internet are my best friends. I feel like I can't relate to any of my own friends. I'll tell them that there's the whole world out there, yet I'm just going to school learning things that I'm not really motivated for, when I can really be finding wonderful foreign cities or climbing mountains or helping people or just wandering; I just want to have an adventurous life and I tell them I want to be spontaneous and reckless. My friends tell me "Let's go to the dance this Friday, it will be so much fun. We'll grind with a lot of cute boys! That's adventure." Um excuse me but no, that's not what I want. I don't understand how our generation thinks that making out, doing dr-gs, having s-x, and illegal things are what they call adventure. Ever since I've read Looking For Alaska I wish that I can actually find that "Great Perhaps." I want to learn that life is beautiful and just love it. I feel depressed again, and I'm scared I'll never actually feel happy ever again. I relapsed.... I wish I can be happy.

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