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Collab between a friend and I 
+ She plays Holly
+ I play Bryce 

They hadn’t seen each other in a few weeks, not since she had found refuge from her dark apartment because of the storm, in his apartment. They had talked, laughed and eventually fallen asleep, nice and cozy under the blankets. But they both had gotten busy since then, she with work and some sort of family problems and he - mainly with his work and trying to write a book.
So when she had gotten sick, he made sure to leave her some soup and a magazine so she could get better quicker. She had text him thank you and they had been able to catch up with one another, which was great. And he had asked her to go on a date with him tonight. So here he was, nervously buttoning up the last button of his blue long sleeved dress shirt.
He stopped when he only had three buttons to go and then moved on to grab his black blazer and pulled it on over the top of his shirt. On his bottom half he wore dark blue jeans so they were nice but nothing too fancy, and some nice dress shoes. Finishing off the look, he slipped on a nice watch, put his wallet in his back pocket and then shoved his cell phone into the pocket of his jacket.
Once he left his apartment, he climbed into his car and headed to a flower stand and got her a bouquet before he went on his way to her apartment. He had made reservations at a nice restaurant, but nothing too fancy or too casual either. After that, he planned on taking her to this amazing outdoor fondu place for dessert where they cooked it over an open camp fire. He thought it was something different and cool that she might like.

Even after spending the night with Bryce, Holly still felt a little dazed by the whole experience. She had spent forever getting ready, trying on every dress in her closet. (Though, admittedly, her collection of clothes was pretty small.) Bryce had showed up at her door, flowers in hand, just like a true gentleman. Dinner was delicious, and just the chance they needed to catch up. Holly was surprised when there was more, but the fondu was wonderful. It was just the type of quirky place she would have chosen herself. The outdoor location, even around a fie, gave her a chance to huddle against Bryce’s warm body, a chance she didn’t intend to pass up. Holly tried not to stuff herself, but she truly did have a bottomless stomach inside her five foot one frame - something that amused Bryce every time he saw it.
As with all good things, the night came to an end too quickly. Bryce pulled his car over to the curb in front of her building. She had already thanked him for everything, but her good manners found her repeating herself Just as Holly was about to step out of the car, she turned back to him. ”Do you want to come up?” Holly knew that offer could have all sorts of implications. She had no idea what Bryce would think of it or think she meant, but she didn’t care. She wasn’t ready for this night to end, and the last thing Holly wanted to do was go up to her quiet apartment and try to find ways of distracting herself from thinking about her warring sisters until she could drift off to sleep. Holly had asked Bryce without thinking, but she didn’t regret it.
Dinner had gone really well, and of course time just flew by. It seemed to do that a lot when he was with Holly. She had a way of making him forget anything and everything that was stressing him or making him worried. With her sweet smile and the amazing sense of humor she had, Bryce couldn’t help but enjoy her company and tonight was no exception.
Walking her up to her door, he expected that the night would end with a kiss and he would sadly have to walk back to his car and go home too early to his liking. It wasn’t that he wanted to spend the night with her or anything like that. They were not at that point. But he was just enjoying her company so much that he didn’t want the night to end so soon. And apparently neither did she, because she invited him up to her room.
If it had been any other girl, Bryce would’ve thought she had been implying something. But Holly wasn’t like that. So with a grin, he nodded and told her, "Sure, I can come up for a bit." Following her up towards her room, he admired the decor as they walked through the hallways and once inside her apartment he told her, “You have a great place." There was a sincere smile on his face as he admired the way she had set it up. But there was also a bit of nervousness. He was pretty sure that nothing more than having a cup of coffee and having a good night kiss would happen tonight. But what if he was wrong? Rocking back and forth on his heels, he tried to figure out what to say as he waited for her to do something.

“Thank you,” Holly said over her shoulder as she headed to the kitchen. Okay, Bryce had come with her up to her apartment, but she hadn’t planned beyond that. She wasn’t entirely sure what to do next. Offer him a drink, right? That seemed like a solid, non-committal plan. ”Can I get you something to drink?” she turned to ask him, finding he had followed her to the kitchen. ”I’ve got wine, coffee, tea, and juice. And obviously water,” Holly tacked on. ”I hear the Los Angeles Basin has excellent tap water. Since you’re new to the area, I figure it’s my duty to inform you of things like this,” she said with a crooked smile.
Ever since she had met Bryce, life seemed to be looking up. Of course, Holly thought all of life deserved to be appreciated and lived to the fullest. She just wasn’t sure that she’d find someone - another someone - that she felt so strongly about. It felt selfish to expect more than one great love in life, but with Bryce… Holly didn’t know, but she knew that she was falling hard fast. She didn’t care either. She wasn’t about to guard her heart from the feeling. She’d much rather fall and be hurt.
As Holly awaited Bryce’s reply, she found herself gazing into Bryce’s piercing blue eyes for a moment (she always seemed to get caught there) before her eyes trailed down to his lips. No, no, she chastised herself. Despite the fact that her head was screaming at her - she had been raised to believe it was more “appropriate” to let the man make the first move - Holly found herself taking a step toward Bryce, instead of away.
Bryce felt like a teen age boy, being in a girls’ room for the first time. He was nervous and could feel himself blushing subtly. But why? He was a grown man. Her parent’s weren’t gonna pop their heads in and make sure their clothes were still on or anything like that. And it wasn’t like any clothes would come off tonight anyways… right? He didn’t mind the idea, but he knew that they were not at that point in their relationship. Heck they hadn’t even kissed yet.
"Coffee would be great, thanks." He told her with a nod of his head. Bryce was a wine lover, but he was also responsible. He had to drive home, so he knew that wine was a no. Plus, he didn’t want to accidentally changed the atmosphere between them by drinking a more romantic beverage. He was admiring the cabinet work when he saw that she was looking at him, and he turned his head to look at her as well and flashed her a grin.
Holly was beautiful. And if anyone said anything differently, he would gladly argue with them until he convinced them otherwise. She had this aurora around her, it was just pure happiness. Not to mention that adorable smile and the way her eyes sparkled when she laughed. He noticed she took a step closer to him and he looked down at her, slowly moving his hand towards her until their hands touched and he was lacing his long fingers in between hers. "I had a lot of fun tonight Holls." He told her softly, not even bothering to stop himself from leaning his face closer to hers.
Wanting to make sure that him kissing her was okay with her, he brushed his nose against hers ever so gently. It was a subtle and sweet hint that he wanted to kiss her. And when she didn’t back away, he slipped his other hand up to her neck and let his thumb rest along her jawline as he tilted her face up just a bit as he leaned down. Pressing his mouth to hers, Bryce brought her bottom lip into his mouth to suck and knead on it gently. It seemed like he had been waiting to kiss her for forever and now that her sweet mouth was finally on his, Bryce didn’t want to break this kiss. Bryce had kissed many of girls in his life time, but this kiss gave him butterflies in his stomach. This kiss was making his heart race. This kiss and Holly was making him melt. He just hoped that Holly was the same thing as he was.

Holly was about to respond when Bryce’s nose softly brushed against her’s. With no breath to push them out, her words caught in her throat. Holly was afraid to move, afraid to breathe, lest she break this moment that felt so pure fragile. Bryce’s hand slid along her neck and the rough pad of his thumb rested on her jaw, her face lifted so her lips might meet his.
When his face dipped down to hers and pressed his lips against her own, Holly finally took a breath. She had been frozen, but now she came back to life, letting her body ease against Bryce’s. Everything else ceased to exist as he pulled her lower lip between his. Holly’s hand slip up and rested gently on Bryce’s chest. She could feel his heart racing but not nearly as fast as her own. The blonde was shocked that she could have any affect on someone so seemingly perfect.
Bryce’s his handsome features would catch anyone’s eye and make them look twice, but that wasn’t what Holly loved about him. His kindness, intelligence, and warmheartedness were what drew her to him, but her favorite thing was the way he looked at her. When Bryce looked at her, she felt as if he saw the best version of her. He made her believe exactly as she would like to believe in herself. When Bryce looked at her, Holly felt safe and loved. That’s all it took.
Holly lost her breath all too soon and was forced to break the kiss. She looked up at him with a playful smile. ”That took you long enough, Mr. Walsh.” Holly bit the corner of her lip as she contemplated whether to kiss him again.
All thoughts of anything besides Holly drifted from his mind the moment she kissed him back. Her mouth was just as sweet and soft as he had expected it to be. It had been weeks since he had started to crave for her mouth and now that he finally got it, he didn’t want to let it go. And he didn’t want to let her go either.
Holly was one of the few people who looked at him and truly saw him. She saw past his money. She saw past his good looks and his Harvard education. She saw him as a person. She wasn’t into the labels and all the stupid things that his parents and passed girlfriend had been interested in. She cared about him as a human. What he stood for. What he believed in. She was a breath of fresh air, breathing a new life into him. And he was so grateful for that.
When she pulled away, his mouth dropped into a small frown. He was already missing her mouth and wanted to taste it again. She teased him and he smirked down at her, his hand wrapping around her waist, "I’d be more than happy to make up for lost time… " He offered her, leaning down so that his mouth was just inches away from hers, his breath fanning out against her mouth as he teased her with the possibility of another kiss. But it was teasing him too. Oh how he wanted to feel her lips on his again. But he played it cool, acting as if not kissing her wasn’t torture for him as well. Because it was. Oh how it was.

Holly reached up and wrapped her arms around his neck, mimicking the way he had encircled her waist. She loved being close to him. All her worries melted away. Sure, being with Bryce didn’t solve her problems, but Holly felt there was nothing she couldn’t face with Bryce by her side.

When Bryce brought his face close to hers, she gulped. With his warm breath on her cheek, she managed to whisper, “I think that is a very good idea.” Holly wasn’t especially good at games. She didn’t have as much experience at teasing as most girls her age. (Such was one result of leading a sheltered life.)

Holly stood on her toes and brought her lips to his once again. (If this was a game, it was one they both could win. Those were the best kind.) Her mouth parted ever so slightly, licking Bryce’s lips, allowing her tongue passage. Holly had been waiting for this moment, and she had no intention of letting it pass quickly.
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