“Hollywood has always been a cage... a cage to catch our dreams.”

Hey guys!

Ok so, it’s come to my attention yet AGAIN that most of you aren’t participating in the group contests, and if you do you submit sets that aren’t relevant – please please please stick to the brief with this contest! Why bother entering if you don’t because it only frustrates me, and I only pick winners that are relevant! Ok, my rant is now over :)

So I was watching Project Runway today and I had an epiphany. If you’re familiar with the show you’ll recall the episode ‘Lights, Camera, Sew!’ in which the contestants had to pick a film genre, create a character in that genre, and then create an outfit to match. Well, that’s what I want you to do! :)

The categories are as follows (and you MUST stick to them):


--Film Noir

--Sci-Fi/ Fantasy

--Period Piece


Ok, so what I want you to do is create a FASHION set based around one of these film genres. So, say if you did Action/Adventure you could do a sexy assassin, or if you did Film Noir a deadly femme fatal etc etc. It is VITAL that you stick to the genre, otherwise I’m rejecting the sets – and I’m going to be RUTHLESS! And it’s even more vital that your clothes stick to the genre too, there’s no point doing a Victorian period piece with neon colours for example!

You also need to create your fictional character – it can be a character that will fit in with an existing film in one of the genres, or you can create an entirely new character for a new film/story, it’s up to you. It also might be nice if you could select an actress or model that you’d envisage playing them.

Important: Please label your sets clearly with the genre that you’re depicting!

3 days, 6 winners, 3 limit – so I can moderate properly!

And of course, every RELEVENT entry gets a fav.

PM me with any questions :)

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