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"Better to reign in Hell, than serve in Heaven."
"I have seen all, I have heard all, I have forgotten all."


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Aged 22; Capricorn
{Practical ♑ Ambitious ♑ Perfectionist}
New Hampshire, North American Colony
{No affiliated title}

Vera has never known personal luxury. It has always been determination and duty over desires, Despite being from the colony where everything seems to fall with a drop of a hat, the colony where dreams come true around every corner, Vera’s entire life has been an uphill battle. Her father was the hard-working type; there wasn’t a mountain he couldn’t climb. Although they had very little, he had a way of making it seem like the whole world was theirs for the claiming. Her mother, on the other hand, was weak-willed and too dependent for her own good. When her husband gave into crippling lung cancer, her only rock to lean on became her little daughter. Vera at the time was truthfully no more than a pebble; at twelve years old, she could hardly keep her skirts clean, let alone another human being. But necessity shaped her into a determined young woman, reliable and just as hard-working as the father she dearly missed. She is especially ill-willed towards her mother who quickly married another man as soon as Vera had to go away for additional schooling. With two step-kids running the house and a new man that disdained the memory of the other man that bled through Vera’s eyes, she had nowhere to go except away. Her little funds got her a tiny flat in New York where she picked up the first job she stumbled across: chaperoning. To the Astor household, no less. Accompanying Ronan to Europe is both a dream and a nightmare to the young Vera. She was just starting to find her feet in the New York lifestyle and settle into a comfortable routine, although going to England has always been a seemingly impossible dream of hers and she can’t wait. On the other hand, she has to spend her time, as always, outside the glamour. She is only going to keep her charge in check. But Vera has hidden talents and desires, something that she always tried to hide and oppress alongside the rest of her feelings. She has a powerful singing voice and amazing stage presence; Vera has always dreamed of being a famous actress or other such performer. However, she is shy and humble and would never go outside of her station like that. She knows what she is expected to do, and she does it without question. But the Season is bringing out the wild side in everyone, and she might not be able to play the perfect little chaperone forever.

{Kasia Struss}
Taken by; @jolieenrose (?)

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๑ What is your role surrounding the upcoming wedding, and how do you feel about it?
Well, considering I only found out about this wedding two weeks ago, I haven't exactly formed an opinion on it quite yet (mmm...word travels slowly where I'm from). However, I'm here in attendance to chaperone Miss Ronan Astor. Although I have been assured this wedding will be quite the "talk of the town." I suppose we shall see, yes?

๑ What is your primary goal for the upcoming Season?
Ensure that Miss Ronan doesn't leave my sight. Truthfully, I would like to avoid upsetting the Astor Household as much as possible. As long as I carry out my duty with dignity, then my goals here are complete.

๑ Is there anyone you trust with your secrets? What are those secrets?
There was one person whom I would trust with my entire world. However, that one person is no longer here. As for my secrets? Well, I suppose I do have a talent for singing...but never mind, it's not important.
[[Not sure if there's other plans for Vera's secrets, but one idea I was toying with was that Vera fell in love with a boy at the age of 16, ended up pregnant and then gave her child away to a deserving family on her mother's demand for a better life since Vera could hardly take care of herself at the time. Vera was left heartbroken by said boy who later left her and since then, she's plunged herself into focusing on her work and vowed never to fall in love again. Earning her own money and making her dreams a reality is what she's focused on since.]]

๑ Who or what do you hate most? Any revenge planned for them during the Season?
I don't believe I capable of hate, as no one has yet wronged me in such a deserving way. I do have a distaste for my stepfather, my step brother tends to get on my nerves, and my mother has made one too many mistakes for my liking, but they're family. I could never dislike them. And as being such, no, I do not have any vengeful plans. I'd much prefer to stay in the back, out of sight and out of drama, and do what I came here to do.

๑ 4 likes; fond memories of her father, arias, sunshowers, & fresh cut roses
๑ 4 dislikes; that 'new' family of hers, burdens she must bear, crowded city streets, & hard liquor
๑ 5 alternates; (besides vera) marie-victoria acquitaine, gabriella castellano, geneveira lorraine, peregrine devereaux, or anyone else, honestly :]
๑ wardrobe collection; http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/collection?id=3663214
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Hotel Aritzia
Lower West Side, Meat Packing District
New York City, New York.
10:33 am

"Do you have your ticket?"

"Yes, for the millionth time, yes. It's right here," I say, reaching into my luggage and waving said ticket in front of my dear friend Arabella's face. She rolls her eyes incredulously at me but contends nonetheless.

"Alright, alright. Just making sure. And you've enough attire for all the events you'll be attending, right? Need more gowns? Or shoes? Any jewelry--"

"Ara, I have everything. And it's not like I'm actually going to these events," I let out an exasperated sigh and continue on. "I'm just going to chaperone Miss Astor...remember?" 

I tap Ara on the side of the head, but she quickly shoos away my hand and smiles instead.

"Fine, I know. But still, Vera. England! A wedding! It's like..."

"Work," I finish, crossing my arms. "It's just work. Get your head out of the clouds and feet on the ground, Ara. I'm just here to make enough money to---"

"Live out your dream. Buy your own apartment in the city. Get a successful job at a theater. Yes, I know. You remind me nightly, silly."

"And don't you forget it," I wink at my fellow chaperone. Ara giggles and envelopes me in one of her signature bear hugs until I can no longer breath and need to drop my bags on the ground. "And plus, you'll be joining me in only 3 weeks. Nothing to worry about."

We continue to hug like dear friends do and we only break apart when we hear hurried footsteps running up the staircase near us. Both of our heads turn to see another chaperone, Betsey, scurrying toward us.

"Vera, there's someone at the door wanting to speak with you," she says, panting every other word. Arabella and I exchange confused glances.

"Well you can tell them I'm in a rush and will be leaving soon."

"He seems very persistent, though."


I raise a confused eyebrow and briefly look over the railing of the second floor. My view of the foyer is obscured by the first flight of stairs, making it impossible to see who it is. 

Instead, I run down the stairs, skipping every other one, with Arabella and poor Betsey quickly behind me.


My eyes widen in shock as my annoying-as-ever-could-be stepbrother stands at the doorway of the dilapidated hotel building I've been occupying for the last few days.

"What in the world are you doing here? Did you come here all the way from New Hampshire?"

Damion smirks and shrugs his shoulders, playing the situation as if everything is perfectly fine. "Yes, I did, and yes, I'm here to offer you a proposition."

"I'm not interested in whatever scheme you've been concocting, Damion. I'm about to meet with--"

"Yes, I know. But just listen."

"Go on." I cross my arms over my chest and wait.

"I know in a few short hours you'll be off to England for God-knows-how-long. But I want to go too."

"No. Absolutely not."

"Just listen--"

"No, Damion. I don't know what you're expecting this trip to be, but it's not what you think it is. This is my JOB and I am not having some free-loading stepbrother get in my way of earning some decent money."

I begin to turn around my Damion has a hold of my arm before I can walk away.

"You think you're the only one who hates living at home?" he asks me, looking me directly in the eye. "Because you're not. I've got a father who's only expectation of me is to take over the family business and a half-sister so spoiled it puts sour milk to shame. So let me come with you. I want to get away, too."

I sigh and shake my head. I haven't the time to put up with Damion right now. "I'm sorry about whatever you're going through, Damion, but I can't allow that. This is my one chance at finally having the life I've dreamed about. I'm not letting anything or anyone mess that up. I'm sorry."

I can't look at him any longer and instead shut the door, leaving him on the porch steps. If it was any other time, I would have agreed. I've always agreed, it's what I do. But not today, not this time. I have a job and I'm damn well going to do it to the best of my capabilities. 

Only ten hours left before I'm heading to England, new opportunities awaiting for me.
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