this is a birthday set
((a few days late but wuh'eva))

for @lumos-my-life 
my georgia

her birthday is on new years day which must suck because everyone's either still drunk, hungover, stumbling home with one shoe and a broken heel, and generally just not being in a fit state to celebrate your birthday.

i apologise on behalf of everyone who has used an excuse like those soddy ones up there for not celebrating your birthday - if that's ever actually happened. 

but anyway


you did it!
you made it!
you reached this point in your life!

have a bloody gold star for effort :')

my bby gurl is fifteen oh my god
i need a moment
i dont have a tear in my eye ... it's a branch or something

((totally ripped that off from Easy A wow))

you're such a wonderful person, i don't think i could ever put that into enough words, or words that could even express the amount of wonderful that you are. it's literally not in my vocabulary. you're off the charts, off the radar, living in your own world but being so kind to pop down and grace this world with your wonderfulness :'3

i've known you for about 3 years now, and we met on this wee little website called polyvore. harry potter drew us together and our lame love for one direction, larry and all things british held us together. i can always go to you to talk about anything, absolutely /anything/. you're just wonderful like that.

you always seem to know what to say.
and i love you for it.

times have been tough for the both of us, but we've found solace in each other, we found strength in ourselves through each other and we keep each other going. we're the wind in each of our sails, pushing us forward through the rough seas and the darkest of storms.

i look at you like a little sister and the fact that you've said you look up to me like i'm a big sister makes my heart swell with overwhelming love and happiness. i've always wanted a sister and even though we may live hours and hours away from each other, we've proved that 'long distance relationships' can work and even get better with time. because that's the awesome thing that the internet does. it connects people. it brings them together. it makes friendships, it forms bonds. 

it's strange to think of my life before we became friends and it's a thought i don't like to dwell on often or for too long because it's just too hard and too sad to ponder. my life would be so different if we hadn't found each other, i know yours would have been dramatically more different to mine but that never happened and it never will because i'll always be here for you, whenever you need me.

because i know what it's like to be alone, and i know what it's like to feel useless and worthless, but i also know how wonderful things can be. i know how the sun can shine at just the right angle and bounce rainbows off windows and mirrors. i know how books can hold friends inside them, hidden in the words and the pages. i know how you don't believe you're as good a writer as me, but i know for a fact, that you are so talented and have so much to look forward to in life that i want you to keep your head up and your eyes locked on the goal at the end of the yellow brick road, at the end of the rainbow, on the other side of the piece of spagetti;

you will meet one direction some day.

((weren't expecting that now were you? heh heh))

i can't wait till we meet face to face in a couple of weeks, i know i will be a mess and a puddle of talking tears but i will be face to face with you. the girl who only lives through my computer screen and the typed words she creates. i cannot wait to see you, break into a smile, tears overflowing and slow-motion run towards you, some cheesy high school musical song playing in the background and fireworks going off and dolphins leaping over our heads as we reach each other and embrace each other like we never have before ((because we haven't ever before ...)) and then crying will ensue and ice cream will hopefully be on stand by. and snuggies. and chocolate. yeah.

you're the best.
i love you so much.

i'm so proud of you.
you've made it to fifteen.

now get to eighteen already so i won't feel as old ((even though when you do, i'll be ... holy s.hit ... 21))

i feel old

i love you

this set is odd
but it has emma and niall and the beatles and a kurt cobain t-shirt and a picture of londin in it, so hopefully it's alright, 

love chu bby girl
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one comment

Wrote 4 years ago
i'm crying so much
and laughing
and smiling
and just hugging you so much in my mind
i love you
i wasn't expecting this at all :'3
oh gosh
i'm just reading this
and re-reading
and re-reading
because i love this so much
the set
with niall
and kurt
and emma
and the beatles
and beautiful words
and london
your words
and you
oh, you...
i love you so much
you're one of the only people that believe in me, y'know? and i just cried when you mentioned that i have so much to look forward to... maybe i should start believing that... i'll try, yeah? i don't have many people pushing me along anymore, not in the good way. they're just 'take this pill', 'get up', 'stop sleeping', etc. etc. with nonsense that doesn't make sense to me... and you, you tell me things and i want to believe them.
oh, god... you'll be 21 ... i'll be 18...
holy shit balls wow ok that's scary for me even
hey hey i'm making sure i see you then
and it made be filled with tears
but alcohol too
where would we be on that day, new years day, on my eighteenth, (what a day to have your 18th birthday on) without a little liquor?
anyway, i am getting off the subject...
we are going to be a mess in a few weeks oh gosh
well, i definitely will be
i'll just grab out my phone or ipod or something and start blaring breaking free from high school musical when i meet you and then you can laugh at me because i'll start dancing and singing
(wow wow this comment is long sorry)
i love you bby doll


we are lovely.

we are lovely.

"we are not what you think we are ,
we are lovely, we are lovely.
we are not what you think we are ,
we are lovely, we are lovely."

.... enough said. haha. submit all those lovely sets so we
can all breathe lovely & spread loveliness around
this gloomy polyvore.

a runway to hell.

a runway to hell.

just another fashion blog



start a revolution.
share your dirty, dreamy, dangerous sets. show us your creativity in a fabulous contest or two. or just have a cup of tea and catch a bit of inspiration.

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