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  • attika - Cube Grill
    "The Cube by attika is a grill, whose functional design makes sense on the first sight. Its determination of creating as much usage as possible on the smallest room, emphasizes the industrial oven design without a doubt. Cube is the garden fire with a turn in all directions. Away from the wind, directed to the guests. Whether in the garden or on the terrace; whether fire or grill: Cube fulfills the highest demands. The highly functional design thereby reminds of industrial stoves, and its name is program: The attika Cube is not only designed consequently angular at the fireplace – its socket out of sand-blasted and oxidized Corten-steel equally bribes with its rustic, stabile appearance. Moreover wood, hooks, grill tools and other accessories for a comfortable grilling evening can be stored in the socket. The fireplace can also be removed from the grill, so that Cube may unfold its full force also on the garden’s wall . / barbecue / outdoor" — categorizer
  • Keilbach - Fuji Fireplace
    "Fuji – the cultural fireplace in the garden Suiting every season, the Fuji fireplace from Peter Keilbach can be used multifunctional: whether as artistic eye-catcher in the garden all over the year, as a cultural fireplace in colder seasons or as charcoal grill in summer months – Fuji is a real all-rounder. Made out of corroded steel, Guji gains patina when it gets older. The soot that emerges when it burns, an interesting contrast to the steel appears. This means that Fuji mustn’t be cleaned. The deposit for the fire-wood was built a bit over the ground for grass to be unharmed. An introducible metal panel for charcoal (grill insert) is included in the delivery package. A stabile stainless steel grate is available optionally, this makes a charcoal grill out of the Fuji fireplace. Interesting for hobby chefs: the grid can be placed in three different heights – perfect for every kind of grill ware. Furthermore the introducible panel is polished. A good oxygen transmit for the glow is therefore guaranteed. Whether covered with snow, for special grilling events or a romantic evening in the garden, this multi talent enriches your garden for every kind of occasion. / barbecue / outdoor" — categorizer
  • wodtke - Gryll Fire Module
    $1,875 connox.com
    "Experience a summer in the garden – pure enjoyment. Something good from the grill or a fireplace are indispensable for this: The wodkte fire module is both. The wodtke fire module Gryll is wonderfully usable. In only an instant the simply practical fireplace becomes a grill that will also cause culinary enjoyment. Both, clever and practical is what the module system is. Two of the organic appealing cubes (S or L) are combined with each other: wood on the bottom and fire on the top. The wodtke Gryll consists of oxidized steel, making every module unique and acting especially original. Furthermore the rusted steel is especially easy to care and resistant. The refined turning-function of the wodtke Gryll Fire Module is comfortable, wince the top can easily be turned to the grill master or the warmth-searching one. Supplementary information wodtke - instructions for the Gryll Fire Module (PDF) / barbecue / outdoor" — categorizer
  • Skagerak - Helios Fireplace
    "The fireplace Helios (ancient Olympic Grill and Fireplace) caters for a comfortable, eveningly atmosphere and mood in the garden. The exclusive Fireplace of black casting iron contains the fire and creates a nice contrast to the flames. With the including stainless steel grate, the fireplace becomes a barbecue. By the way: Helios is the name of the sun in the Greek mythology. Details to Skagerak - Helios Fireplace Dimensions: Fireplace: Diameter 58 cm, Height 19 cm; Steel rost: Diameter 56 cm, Height 4,3 cm. Material: Fireplace made of cast iron, steel rost made of stainless steel. Other products of the Olympic-Series by Skagerak are also available. / barbecue / outdoor" — categorizer
  • wodtke - Wing Fire Bowl
    "Originality and force – these characteristics are maybe associated with each other by everyone. The wodtke Wing fire bowl realizes these qualities without emphasizing or exaggerating them. Fire has always fascinatingly caught human’s attention as one of the four elements – it represents force, passion, warmth and life. With the Wing fire bowl by wodtke, fire can completely be enjoyed as pure element. The clear, symmetric form emphasizes fire in a pure way. Also grilling-goods can be prepared traditionally this way. Rusted steel as ground material is resistant, easy to care and acts near to nature. As well as all the wodtke fireplaces, Wing possesses an especially aesthetical demand and an archaic expression force – these characteristics ensured the iF Design Award 2011 to the wodtke Wing fire bowl. The fire bowl Wing is also offerd in the sizes S and L by wodtke. Supplementary information wodtke - Instructions to the Wing Fire Bowl (PDF) / barbecue / fireplace / outdoor" — categorizer
  • Modfire - Bonfire Wood Burning Outdoor Fireplace
    "Bigger may not be better, but it’s definitely hotter. The Urban Bonfire is Modfire's award-winning fireplace design in extra-large. At 7’ tall, this unit creates a real presence in your outdoor space, providing a place for large gatherings and a focal point on your deck or patio. This wood-burning model undergoes a bluing process to produce a beautiful patina. It then receives a high-temperature clear coat to protect it from the elements. The Bonfire is manufactured from 14 gauge rolled steel. They are hand-rolled into a sleek cone designed to both direct the heat and provide a beautiful modern centerpiece for your outdoor space. Each one is then finished in the Modfire studio (in Phoenix, AZ) by one of Modfire's steel artisans. Seams are welded and smoothed, the distinctive openings are hand-formed, and the finish is applied. Each Bonfire is unique and will have slight variations in size and finishing. In general, they measure 32" in diameter at the base, 10" at the top and stand 83". Average weight is about 120 lbs. Each Bonfire includes several layers of high-temperature paint plus a thousand degree clear coat to protect the steel and provide a vibrant finish. Modfire recommends burning "chiminea chunks" for the perfect fire every time (available at your local firewood supplier). The firebowl is removable to help with ash disposal." — categorizer
  • Artepuro - Terrace Stove lateNight
    $2,585 connox.com
    "Exclusive, mobile and wind-resistant – the terrace stove lateNight from Artepuro is a flexible stand-oven for fiery beautiful nights outside. The design was coined by Katrin and Norbert Weber. The fireplace can change its place without any problems, thanks to an axis with stainless steel wheels. The terrace stove is visible from three sides. The fire inside is protected from wind; this also reduces flying sparks to a minimum. Through a refined air conduit system between the opened front and the flap of the lid, the air can be controlled specifically. This guarantees an emission friendly burn-off. The fire burns on a fireclay ground. These fireproof stones ensure a perfect ground insulation and heat storage. For the manufacturing of the terrace stove lateNight, Artepuro exclusively uses high quality materials: high temperature lacquer-covered steel builds the base of the fireplace. The visible laterals are manufactured with emission friendly gravel quality glass; the blend consists of stainless steel. The whole object is therefore highly temperature-resistant and heat-reflecting. With the according accessories the terrace stove from Artepuro becomes an exquisite grilling or pizza-oven. / fireplaces / barbecue / outdoor" — categorizer
  • Deluxe Tabletop Propane Patio Heater Polished Stainless Steel
    "Stay toasty warm outdoors, even after dark. Stainless steel propane heater offers 10,000 BTUs of portable warmth for outdoor entertaining. Lightweight and silent, it reaches full heat output within seconds. Weighted base keeps it stable. Features adjustable heat control and an aluminum reflector. Easy to start with a push-button ignition. Automatic shut-off tilt valve. Uses a 1-lb. propane cylinder (not included) Assembly required. Imported. Catalog and Web only This item cannot be shipped to Alaska, Hawaii or Canada" — categorizer
  • Woolrich Chatham Run Fire Pit
    "Our "Chatham Run" collection includes many pieces encompassing popular outdoor dining, entertaining, upholstery, and occasional selections. Frames incorporate materials such as faux wood and hand-woven UV and weather resistant VIRO® synthetic fiber over aluminum, designed specifically for year-round all-weather outdoor use. The result is furniture that is strong, durable, washable, pest and fungus free, and maintenance free. Sides: Aluminum with pure resin and epoxy coating. Top ring: concrete substrate overlaid with pure resin. Fire-pit bowl, cover, and bowl stand is powder-coated iron. Clean with mild soap and water, rinse clean and allow to dry. Manufactured to be used in any outdoor environment. Dimensions: 42" diameter x 18" H. Weight: 120 lbs. / furniture / outdoors / patio furniture / fireplace" — categorizer
  • AK47 - Mangiafuoco Fire Pit
    "Small yet great, you can dominate the daring flames that leap upwards, darting and dancing, moving continuously. You can tame them and contain them in your compact shape, a theatre where the natural performance of fire is enacted. Please note, grill is sold separately." — categorizer
  • Ak47 - Zerino Bioethanol Burner Accessory
    "Bioethanol burner accessory for the AK47 - Zerino Fire Pit." — categorizer
  • AK47 - Zerino Fire Pit
    "Zerino is unobtrusive to the eye and useful when needed. Thin and graceful, it cleverly fits the strategic points of the house by adapting to different environments, with personality but without intrusiveness. Its content tells stories that are always different, from the magic of fire to the pleasure of reading. Please note, Bioethanol Burner sold separately." — categorizer
  • Blomus - Fuoco Tabletop Gel Fire Pit
    "Gel fuel in place of wood, mobility in place of a fixed location– the circular design gel fire pits from blomus are that convenient. A real trend in outdoor living, leaving no residue and providing great visual enjoyment. The fire reveals its magnificent spectacle only in combination with the stainless steel design. And this can happen anywhere you desire outdoors – here today and somewhere else tomorrow. The outer surface of the FUOCO dish shape is in black, frost-proof pottery. The cover is in stainless steel and has an opening at the centre where the fuel gel is added and provides sufficient space for the flames. The stainless steel surface reflects the firelight many times over and makes FUOCO a unique experience time and again under the open sky. The long-handled extinguisher included with the gel firepit enables the fire to be safely put out again. Approximately 2 hour burn time, includes snuffer." — categorizer
  • 19th C. Butter Churn Ventless Fire Table
    "A late 19th-century vintage butter churn from Pennsylvania inspired the design of our rustic fire table. Its planked sides, capacious top and sturdy lets are made of unfinished reclaimed elm. The powdercoated steel band that encircles the table will acquire a rustic, weathered patina over time. Inside, a steel receptacle uses clean burning Ventless Fireplace Fuel (sold separately) for a cozy ambiance. Place the wooden lid back on the receptacle when not in use as a firepit, and the multi-functional piece becomes a table for outdoor entertaining. Use only with Real Flame® Ventless Fireplace Fuel. Constructed of reclaimed elm, making each piece truly one-of-a-kind. Rustic, natural finish is accented with powdercoated steel banding. Powdercoated steel Ventless Fireplace Fuel burner inset has two burn troughs. Comes with a lid to transform the piece from fireplace to outdoor table for entertaining. Includes snuffer. Use only with Real Flame® Ventless Fireplace Fuel. Visit Real Flame's website to purchase gel fuel directly: www.realflame.com/gel.cfm. To purchase gel fuel from Canada, visit www.ecomat.ca. Please carefully read and adhere to all warnings and instructions provided by Real Flame Ventless Fireplace Fuel before use. Take all precautions when using Ventless Fireplace Fuel, including adding fuel only when flames are extinguished and the container has cooled for at least 20 minutes. Never pour fuel over an open flame. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission website offers the following safety statement on the use of gel fuel: http://www.cpsc.gov/pr/fuels06142011.html. Cannot be shipped to Alaska or Hawaii. For outdoor use only." — categorizer
  • La Hacienda Pizza Firepit
    "This innovative Pizza Firepit from La Hacienda is a fabulous idea. Whilst lazing in the garden during the day you can make Pizza on the 14 inch Cordierite Pizza Stone, even cook steaks on the BBQ grill attachment and cover them with the cooking hood. Finally when the evening is coming into darkness the Firepit takes centre stage on its own, supplying you with the warmth required. BBQ attachment is also included but not shown." — categorizer

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