@l00kgrace I'm sorry that this took long, I mean I already had the set and the text, its just that I forgot to post it! I'm so sorry I just realized when your games began! Anyway, this is just crap, because anyway Andri will die in the arena (she doesn't want to live) 

Andromeda, 18, D9
I try my best not to step on the cream white dress as I almost fall in my heels. This was not a good idea. I will probably fall in front of Ceasar. I wait in line and try not to make eye contact since I don't want to know the other tributes. Who knows? Maybe I will kill them, or they will kill me. I slowly step on stage and only hope that I will not have to talk about my mother.

C- Hello My Dear, and what might your name and district be?
A- Hello Ceasar, I'm Andromeda from District 9... 
C-Do you have any friends or family? What did they say to you before you left?
A- I have a... mother, and used to have a brother.... She just told me to win for revenge my brother... 
C-What did you say to her?
A- That I won't play for her neither for my brother. 

C- Ok now, if you had to choose, what would you say your favorite part of the Capitol would be?
A- The clocks, they are wonderful. I have this huge obsession with clocks.
C *Laughs* How funny are you! I can see you wear a clock tonight as well! Now, How old are you?
A- I'm 18... I taught you already knew...
C- Well, some people didn't *smiles to the crowd* Did you volunteer for the Hunger Games?
A- Yes.... Don't ask me why. 
C- Ok then, if you say so. What would you say your skills are?
A- I keep up with time.... 
C- Are you anxious for the Hunger Games?
A- No, not until my mother will be in them... 
C How funny you are! Now is I see well the clock pendant is your token right?
A- Yes, but still, the clock doesn't work anymore, so I guess it's just a child memory now. 
C- I see, it means a lot to you. What will you do if you win?
A- I will stay in the Capitol, if that is allowed. 
Caesar: Thank you so much for being here! It has been a pleasure meeting you and I hope I will be able to see you again in the future. Best of luck!
A- Thank you. 

I quickly run of stage and into my quarter. Tomorrow is a big day
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