I could feel the cool air as I stepped off the plane. 
My baby in hand I walked to the car waiting on the air strip.
I opened the door and was welcomed by Lexie.
“Welcome back.” 
“Thanks, it was a long needed vacation. Sweden was just lovely.”
“You ready?” 
I rode up skirt to expose my thigh. 
“Punch me.”
“Punch me, Lexie.”
“We need this to look as real as possible.” 
I started yelling names at her.
I finally built her up until she punched me hard.

-1 hour later-

After dropping the baby off with the babysitter, Lexie and I promptly arrived at Ameilie’s luncheon.
Everyone was surprised to see me back.
I can not even remember how many times I told that kidnapping story over and over again.
Lottie soon arrived, and of course with her fat a.s stomach dampened the mood. 
I was never that fat when I was pregnant. 
Lottie passed by our table.
“Oh, Lottie” I called out.
Everyone’s attention turned to us. They could feel the tension in the room.
She stormed up to me. I stood up.
“How dare you…you…you b.tch. I know you had something to do with it.” She screamed while reaching for my hair. I grabbed her hand before it made contact.
“Honey, pregnancy has sure slowed you down.” I wittily remarked. 
She snapped her arm out my hand.
“Hmm…Chanel and tracking devices are pretty tacky.” I jeered.
“You little lying piece of sh.t, you know I had nothing to do with your disappearance.”
“Oh really, then how come the police showed me records of your bank statements. You transferred money to the kidnapper who kidnapped me. Also he identified you.” 
“You set it up. You did this.” She screamed and hollered like a banshee.
I had no time for stupid b.tches. I sat down just right so that the bruise on my thigh showed. It was a black and bluish color. Everyone’s eyes grew big.
I pulled out my cell phone. 
“Hi, Judge DuPont. I would not like to press charges against Lottie. Yes, your honor I am very sure. Through this experience forgiving and forgetting has become an essential idea for me. Thanks, I will come in tomorrow morning for the official paper processing. Bye.”
Lottie stood their in disbelief. 
The flashing red light on her tracking bracelet stopped flashing.
“Bye, now” Lexie said with a big smirk.
Lottie stormed away in Tinsley’s direction. 
“Mission accomplished.” I whispered to Lexie.
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