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hey girls! sorry i haven't been making tips lately. i've been super busy with schoolwork and babysitting. but i'm back, and i have a ton of tips i'm going to be publishing over this weekend :*

today's tip is going to be another tip apart of my mini homecoming tip series. i was going to make a set dedicated to multiple different hairstyles you could wear for homecoming, but i figured that would get confusing.

in this tip, i'm going to tell you how to achieve that adorable waterfall twist pictured in the set :* this hairstyle is not only perfect for homecoming, but also for everyday wear! this is the hairstyle that i am personally wearing for my schools homecoming this year :)

* things you will need:
- a brush or a comb
- bobby pins
- a small hair elastic (clear would be the best)
- hairspray
- a curling iron
- heat protectant

* how to:

1. gently brush out or comb your hair to remove any tangles.

2. pick up a decent size piece of hair from the left side of your head and split it into two pieces.

3. cross those pieces over one another.

4. pick up a piece of hair from above those two pieces, and let it fall in between them.

5. repeat these steps until you get to the back of your head, and bobby pin the twist in place.

6. pick up a decent size piece of hair on the right side of your head, and repeat the above 5 steps until you reach the back.

7. bobby pin this twist in place as well and grab your hair elastic.

8. carefully remove the bobby pins, combine the twists together and secure them with your elastic.

9. now, at this point, you can either leave your hair as is, or take a couple extra steps :*

10. turn on your curling iron and let it heat up, and spray your hair with a heat protectant.

11. once your curling iron is heated up, start by curling the strands of hair that fall through the braid first.

12. after these strands are curled, finish curling the rest of your hair and spray with hairspray.

and then you're done! another option when doing this twist is just to twist all the way around your head, and then stick a bobby pin inside of the twist once you reach the other side.

if you're having trouble with these steps, here are the videos i used to create this tip:

i hope you enjoyed! :* if any of you try this feel free to instagram a picture of it and tag me. my instagram is @juliemaheux.


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