Billy Corgan: Billy Corgan, Smashing Pumpkins. 
Homer: Homer Simpson, smiling politely. 

So I think this shall be my last cartoony set. I have to break from True Prepping until I get something sorted out...until then!

The Simpsons. I would be a much different person without those yellow fools. They've been there all my life. They taught me about important life lessons when my friends had no answers and I was too afraid to ask my parents. They gave me unbriddled joy with their rock n' roll guest stars. And I have never related to a cartoon character more than I have to Lisa.
And for all those wanks who scoff at it yet can sit through Family Guy [which I don't hate per se, but am currently boycotting for the reasons I am in the middle of describing.], I say 1.) I bet you only watched the Simpsons after the movie came out, which granted, was not a very good season, and damnit, 2.) There would be none of that crap with out Homer so suck it. I know. My comebacks ooze so much maturity. Pttth.
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