Homo homini lupus est.

§ Nora Cathain
Physical Age: 19
Actual Age: 85
Bio: Nora is as wild and fun-loving as her best friend Emer, and the two are quite the pair. Even though Nora sometimes finds herself in Emer's shadow, she tries to take it in stride. Nora and her older brother opened Howl in Aodh not too long ago, and the youth have taken to it quickly. Nora is also an extremely accomplished fighter to the surprise of many, and she is often made the lead on hunts. Nora has been asked to be a royal hunter, which would mean to hunt alongside Emerys himself. But she knows the pressures of that are immense, and she isn’t sure she wants to give up the reckless freedom and youth she has just being a bar owner. Maybe soon, though, she won’t have much of a choice.
Birthplace: Galway, Ireland, 1910s
Breed: Lycan
Model: [Estella Boersma]
Taken: Open

two comments

Wrote one month ago
@ducktape That sounds gloriously fun!
I've only been to Dublin in Ireland, but they played the Galway Girl song everywhere at Temple bar, so that's probably why my mind went there ^^ I definetely want to go, though!

Wrote one month ago
Ah Galway, the city where I successfully drunk navigated me and my friend from the weird American/Coyote Ugly themed bar back to our hostel without getting completely lost.
Have you been there? Did you like it? I found I had the most bad experiences with gross Irish men being gross at bars there (in Ireland), more than Dublin which surprised me. Also a girl got pick pocketed there.


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