Name: Guinevere 'Gwen' Kennedy-Rothschild
Age: 24
Likes: Haute couture, high heels, old books, red nail polish, 90's rom-com movies, galas, writing in her diary, autumn days, crime shows, Paris, traveling by private jet, superhero movies, sunny weather, NYC, & fast cars
Dislikes: Bad publicity, being judged for marrying Nick, that smidge of guilt she feels for hurting Ben, rainy weather, chapped lips, chipped nails, jet lag, small towns, & rumors
Job: Socialite
--Daniel Kennedy (55) || father; Daniel is Gwen's hard working father. For years, he was the principal of Lewisburg's local high school, until recently when he retired. He's a stern man, but loves his family and has a great sense of humor. {Robert Downey Jr}
--Michelle Kennedy (50) || mother; Michelle is Gwen's adoring mother. She was a boutique owner in Lewisburg for the longest time, until she had her triplets. After that, Michelle became a stay-at-home mom who raised her family. {Sandra Bullock}
--Gavin Kennedy (24) || twin brother; Gavin is Gwen's twin brother. He still lives at home in Lewisburg, and is considered the eternal playboy bachelor with a bad habit of partying every night. Gavin hasn't changed a day since high school, and people often wonder if he'll ever grow up. {Ian Somerhalder}
--Gabrielle Kennedy (24) || twin sister; Gabrielle is Gwen's twin sister. Growing up, they had a close bond and often shared a love for dressing up and playing with makeup. In high school, Gabrielle became the sporty athlete while Gwen was the smart-pants student, and they drifted apart. {Natalie Portman}
--Nicholas Rothschild (24) || husband; (Christian Bale)
--Damien Rothschild (3 months) || son
Bio: Even though Gwen's namesake is synonymous with the legacy of the Massachusetts Kennedys, she was never one of those fabulously wealthy girls. Growing up, Gwen was just a normal teenager. She'd crush on guys who never noticed her, she'd dot her i's with little hearts, and she'd spend every summer just hanging out by the lake with her two best friends. At school, Gwen was a prime example of a studious and driven student. She was president of several honor societies, maintained a 4.7 GPA all four years, and was even valedictorian of her graduating class. But as much as she excelled at school, it was her two best friends that mattered most. Nick, Ben, and Gwen had one of those amazing, tight-knit longstanding friendships that often mirrored the three musketeers. They were the three best friends that anyone could have and they each complimented the other perfectly; Nick was the funny guy with a wild bank account, Ben was the humble pushover with a heart of gold, and Gwen was the brains and rational thinking. The trio was always spotted together, and everyone knew it. Everyone also knew that Gwen was destined for success. She'd probably go to some prestigious Ivy League university, end up with at least ten different degrees, and become CEO of a Fortune500 company. But Gwen shocked everyone in Lewisburg when, after graduation, she became engaged to Nick, immediately became his socialite wife, and dropped any prospective of furthering her education. Gwen was soon this jet-setting trendsetter who lived in New York penthouses and ended up on the covers of fashion magazines. But perhaps the most shocked of people was Ben, who had always had a crush on Gwen. Nick and Ben both fell for Gwen and they both knew of each other's feelings for her, but of course, Nick won in the end, leaving Ben heartbroken and betrayed. Most residents of Lewisburg think Gwen chose Nick because of his billions of dollars, but she honestly is in love with him...she's just in love with Ben, too. And to complicate things even more, Gwen and Nick are moving back to Lewisburg, where she must face her feelings for both of her friends.
Relationship Status: Married
Model: Keira Knightley
- - - -

{the boys}

Name: Nicholas 'Nick' Rothschild
Age: 25
Job: Billionaire investor & entrepreneur
Bio: In high school, Nick was /THE/ rich kid. But not the stuck up boy who played polo and frequented the country club. He was a womanizer who always had the best parties and could woo any woman with his charm and self-absorbed humor. But Nick has grown out of his partying ways...sort of. He's still witty and has a few quirks about him (like his eccentric hidden talents), but he's a great friend who can definitely liven up a room with his sense of humor. He's always been in love Gwen, and the day after their graduation, Nick finally acted on his feelings for her. Six months later, they were married. Now, Nick is one of those famous billionaires who inherited his father's company. He's known world-wide for his business-savvy knowledge and his beautiful wife and son.
Relationship Status: Married to Gwen
Model: Christian Bale

Name: Benjamin 'Ben' Klein
Age: 25
Job: Writer & journalist in Lewisburg
Bio: Ben is and always has been that sweet, naive boy who would go out of his way to help anyone in need. He was even voted 'Best Attitude' his senior year of high school. Sure, Ben was a bit of a push-over, too, but he always meant well. After Gwen chose Nick, Ben was very hurt. He tries not to speak to her, but of course, the boy is hopelessly in love with her. Ben also reluctantly remained friends with Nick, and while the trio's relationship is strained, Ben tries his best to push all feelings for Gwen aside. Now, Ben works as a writer and journalist for the local Lewisburg paper and lives a humble life.
Relationship Status: Single
Model: Tom Hiddleston

- - - -

{the story}


"Ugh...shut it off," Gwen moaned, rolling over in the king sized bed and covering her head with another pillow.


"It's your turn to get Damien," her husband, Nick, groaned, turning to the opposite side to try and get back to sleep. 

The alarm continued to beep, alerting the couple that their son was clearly up and ready to experience the day, despite it being five in the morning.


"Rock, paper, scissors?" Nick sighed, pushing himself up on his elbows and glancing over at his wife, who quickly closed her eyes as if she was a sleep. 

"You're a billionaire. Can't you hire someone to feed him at this hour?" Gwen questioned, also pushing herself up onto her elbows and brushing the hair out of her eyes. Nick just smirked.

"Now why would I do that?"

Gwen rolled her eyes at her husband and climbed out of bed. She wrapped her silk kimono around her waist, shivered slightly from the early morning cold, and trudged out of the room toward her son's room.

"You're coming with me, mister," she called back, peaking her head around the door frame and narrowing her eyes menacingly at him. Nick cursed himself and begrudgingly followed Gwen out of the room.

"What's today's date?" Gwen asked off-handedly as she picked up little crying Damien from his crib in order to bounce him around the room. She made soft hushing noises and patted hit back.

"Hmm...I don't know. Why don't I hire some help for that?" Nick asked back with a smirk, stuffing his hands into his pajama pockets. Gwen, on the other hand, didn't seem as pleased with his humor as she shot him an angry glare.

"I...I think it's the seventeenth," Nick said at last. He scratched his head in confusion and shrugged his shoulders.

"The seventeenth?" Gwen repeated, turning around in a flash to face Nick. Damien didn't appreciate the fast movement as much, and began to cry again, causing both Gwen and Nick to groan and attempt to calm him.

"Yeah, see?" Nick pulled out his iPhone and flashed the date in front of Gwen's face.

"Sh-t!" she cursed, slapping her forehead. Nick just cocked his head to the side in confusion.

"Lewisburg! We're supposed to be on a plane to Lewisburg in," she paused and checked Nick's phone, "thirty minutes!" she screeched.

Nick scoffed and shook his head. "Impossible. Our plane isn't scheduled to leave until the seven--"

Nick paused as it dawned on him that they were, in fact, supposed to be traveling half-way across the country in half an hour to move into their new home.

"Sh-t!" he repeated. Gwen made an expression that seemed to convey the obviousness of the situation.

"We're going to miss the flight! We're not even packed! Damien's not even ready!" Gwen rambled. 

"Gwen. Gwen! GWEN!" Nick yelled, gripping his wife's shoulders to calm her down from her frantic rambling. "What's the point of having a private jet if it doesn't wait for us? Don't worry about it, dear. We'll be there when we can."

"Do you ever worry about anything?"

Nick smirked and shook his head. "Nope. I hire people to do that for me." 

Gwen just shook her head in return. For some reason, Nick always seemed to be so chill and calm with any situation. It was a drastic difference to Gwen.

"Alright, I'll pack the suitcases. Can you get Damien ready?" she asked, heading out of the room while simultaneously passing the boy off to his father.

"Sure. Reconvene in thirty minutes?" Nick asked.

Gwen nodded her head. "Deal," she said before running off to quickly get the family packed and ready for their indefinite move back to the little town of Lewisburg.

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