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it's easy to see posts about the abuse that goes on in the porn industry and immediately be against porn as a whole. i mean if you see something bad, you want it to stop right?

im not gonna lie i was against porn too!! 

the thing is.. porn abolitionists & and SWERFS (sex worker exclusionary feminists) generally dont listen to sex workers. they dont try to help sex workers be safe while doing what they do. they just push for further criminalization of sex work and want porn to cease to exist

theres tons of sex workers who cannot hold “normal” jobs. and by abolishing porn and criminalizing sex work, you are putting sex workers out of work and are endangering them

listen to actual sex workers talk about “the porn industry” and sex work as a whole

not civilians who have never entered sex work yet think they know it better than actual sex workers

you need to protect & support sex workers and trust that they know whats best for themselves

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