Addison Gonzales [BAI] 
This is sometime in August. Yeah, I’m late… So what.

“I bet she would sleep with you.” I flung my arm at Russell’s leg, and pointed at a shy-looking, bookworm type of girl, who came complete with horn-rimmed glasses and a skirt that resembled a burlap sack. She was all around average; average height, average build, average looks. Nothing about her screamed, “I am a real risk-taker.”

Russ quickly glanced in her direction, “Wow, you have such high standards for me.” He snorted, throwing popcorn my way. “Now stop moving!” 

I was lying flat on my back, with my hand behind my head; Meanwhile, Russell sat a short distance away with a pen and pad in hand. As cliché as it may seem, he was sketching me. Unfortunately, since every shaded area had already been taken before we arrived, the sun was beading down hard on us and our picnic. I guess that’s what we get for showing up in Central Park after two o’clock.

I don’t exactly recall how this number one Central Park cliché had come to be. I vaguely remember him mumbling something about my hair being a true challenge and him needing to draw me. I, gladly, appeased his desires because lying down like a lump has always been my favorite hobby. Honestly, between the mild heat-exhaustion I was undoubtedly incurring and the rapid pace in which the day had developed, that was the only clear thing in my mind. 

“You promised you would stay still,” Russ said interrupting my musings with a much-appreciated squirt from his water bottle. Yes, the heat was so bad that I didn’t even care about messing up my hair. Shocking, I know.

“Alright, alright.” I breathed deeply and shut my eyes, letting the events of the day roll over my mind. 

9:30 am
“Who’s in time? I’m in time!” I yelled in my best RUN DMC voice, as I broke out into the running man in the elevator of my office building. Recently, I had been late to work so much that--on more than one occasion--Ashley, the horrible head intern, had threatened to fire me on the spot. I was not sure if she actually had the authority to do so, but I wasn’t going to test my luck either. I continued dancing as the elevator rose higher and higher. I did a series of other embarrassing dances to express my joy. I did everything from the hustle to Soulja Boy’s Superman nonsense. I was seconds away from officially supermaning-that-ho when I heard a chuckle behind me. 

Then a serious of things happened in a manner of seconds: I froze. My face flushed. My heart began pounding a million beats per second. I glanced over my shoulder to find a tall, lanky, brunette guy in absolute stitches. Clearly, my killer dance moves impressed him. He waved, while he attempted to settle down. My mind began to race. When the hell did he get there? I mean, he had to have been there the whole time--I mean, he definitely didn’t apparate into the elevator--but how had I not noticed him? Luckily, before my neurosis could fully set in, the elevator door cracked open allowing me to escape this embarrassing debacle. 

11 AM
I stared longingly at the clock, willing it to move faster to no avail. After my strange elevator encounter, the day seemed to go from bad to worse. I found myself sitting atop a giant heap of paper amongst other precariously stacked piles of paper. Apparently Ashley, the head intern, was unhappy with our previous filing system so she ordered me to re-file /every single transcript. / Needless to say, I was not pleased. 

Suddenly a loud bang was heard overhead. Startled by the noise, I screamed, “What the f.uck?” as I fell off of my poorly chosen sitting place. I then rambled off a string of curses and groans as I brought myself to my feet—knocking down most of my semi-organized mess on my way. Once I was up, I realized that everyone in the office—although they were equally as confused about the source of the noise—was staring in my direction and laughing at my extremely ladylike behavior. There was one person in particular who seemed to enjoy my current predicament: the stranger from the elevator. His smile beamed the brightest throughout all of the faces that stared.

I quickly threw myself back onto the ground, and tried my best to hide behind the few stacks of paper that I had not knocked over. Unfortunately, that just added fuel to the fire. Now even more people turned and stared at me. It was as if they had just seen Lindsay Lohan turn down a drink or something just as ridiculous and shocking. They just could not look away. However, realizing that my plan was a lost cause, I simply shrugged my shoulders and went back to my work. 

2 PM 
Sweat dripped down my neck like I was Shaq during the fourth quarter. I wiped it away as I let my hand linger on my chest. The loud crashing sound that we had been startled by earlier in the day was the sound of the air conditioning unit breaking. As you can imagine, the office buzzed with “joyous remarks” when we were told that we would have to sit through this heat wave without air conditioning. Joy to the world!

I sighed deeply as I slouched over a large stack of files. I had managed to re-label, re-stack, and re-file nearly half of the transcripts. I slowly straightened my back and stretched my arms out widely. Somehow my office had suddenly become my very own Bikram Yoga. Again, I breathed deeply and turned back towards my work. 

Out of the corner of my eye, I spotted the stranger again. You know, if he hadn’t spent most of the day laughing at me, I would totally be all over him. He was cute, tall, cute, well dressed, rugged, and did I mention cute? 

He turned my way, and I smiled sweetly; however he did not see me. So for the third time in one day, I was embarrassed. This was not exactly his fault, though. He kept turning his head back and forth and craning his neck to see over the cubicles, as if he were looking for someone. Eventually, he gave up on his search and walked away. I stopped staring, and returned to my work. 

“Fanning, then Farley, then Freight,” I tilted my head and stared at the files, shocked by the extreme lack of last names beginning with –f. 

“Is that a particularly interesting file or something?” A voice asked.

I looked up to find the stranger aka my nemesis—ok, that’s extreme, but oh well—staring at me with his big brown eyes. I shook my head, “No, it’s just a weird filing thing. These are all the F’s.” I waved the three files in his direction.

He nodded condescendingly, “yeah, that’s really weird.” 

“Oh, shut up.” 

He laughed, “Have you seen Ashley?” 

Ah! So that’s who he was looking for. Wait, why would anyone look for Ashley? No one likes her. “She’s probably still on lunch,” I shrugged before adding, “You know for someone I’ve never seen before, I have seen you a lot today.”

“I could say the same for you--wait, she’s on lunch? She only gets a 45 min lunch.” He said staring at the clock. It was nearly an hour after everyone’s lunch time was finished, but that never meant much when it came to Ashley. She came and went however she pleased. 

I cocked my eyebrow, “Um, I don’t think she got that memo.”

“Apparently not,” He sighed and walked away. 

About ten minutes later the stranger returned and announced to everyone in the intern pit, “We’re all being let out. Huge electrical problems blah, blah, blah. We have the rest of the week off.”

I could not get up fast enough. I through the remaining files into random drawers and made a run for my desk. Nothing, I repeat NOTHING, was going to keep me there in that sweltering heat a minute longer. I grabbed my things, shut off my computer and ran towards the elevator. 

“Hey you!” The stranger called after me just as I had made it to the secretary’s desk right before the elevator. So close! 

“What?!” I groaned, noticeably aggravated. 

“What a lady!”

“Oh, you know it!” I mock curtsied, all the while keeping my eye on the elevator. I could not—No, WOULD NOT stay in that sauna of an office one more minute. 

“I was supposed to go on a picnic in the park but apparently I got stood up. Want to come?”

“Well, if that’s not a sweet offer I don’t know what is.” I rolled my eyes as I took a few steps toward the elevator. 

“Aww, come on—“

I interrupted, “No really, I’ve always wanted to be someone’s last resort.” 

He stammered through a painful sounding apology, and finally it was /my/ turn to laugh at /him. / Being the sadist that I am, I have always loved watching people apologize to me over stupid things. Apparently, people never understand when I’m just messing with them. 

Still laughing, I said, “I’m just f.ucking with you. I’d love to go as long as we leave right now.” 

He raised an eyebrow, seemingly confused by my desire to leave. 

Just then, the elevator door opened up, “Look, it’s hot. I don’t want to be here. Let’s go!” I hooked my arm in his and pulled him into the elevator with me. “By the way, what’s your name?”

He chuckled, “I’m Russell, the head intern.”

“oOo I’m Addie, the intern that’s most likely to get fired.” 

“Nice to meet you.”

“You too.”

“Done.” Russell said, dashing away my musings. 

“Let me seeeeee!” I whined like a two year old, with great success. He handed me the drawing. It was beautiful. “Hmm, I’m keeping this.” I said as I ripped the page out of his sketch book. 

He sighed, “You’re... you’re…”

I cut him off adding a few adjectives to jog his memory, “gorgeous, stunning, perfect.”


“Then what?” 

“Irritating!” He said seconds before dumping the rest of his water bottle on me. I, then, lunged for a hug in attempt to share my wetness with him. 

“Stop fighting it!” I yelled trying to pin him down for a hug. “You know you love me!”

“No I don’t!”

“Oh but you will!” I squared myself on top of him, and finally managed to squeeze a proper hug out of him.
“Yeah, I probably will.” He relented. 

I finished my hug, and gave him a peck on the cheek. As I sat up and crawled off of him, I added, “Damn straight. I’m delightful.” 

If you know what that last quote is from, I absolutely love you. 
Please write, “delightful,” if you read it all. 
Btw, sorry this is so crappy. It was written over a span of like three weeks, and two of those weeks were pretty shitty.
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