Here is a Quiz:

I'm so tired. Today has sucked. I had a delicious chicken and rice lunch though. 

1. Last fandom you became a part of? 
The Fault in Our Stars ( Nerdfighteria more broadly ) 
2. Biggest fear?
Going crazy. 
3. Name of one of your OCs (if you have any)?
Alensia, the drag racing coke snorting heartbreaker. 
4. Person you’d like to meet?
Hmmm. I'd like to meet a good lover. 
5. Favourite cupcake?
Vanilla with frosting. 
6. OTP? 
Korra and Bolin, Aang and Katara. 
7. Favourite super hero?
Catwoman, Posin Ivy, Harley Quin,Batman
8. Favourite Doctor and why?
Tennant. My mom and I watched that season togther c: and he has Rose haha. 
9. Last song you sang along to?
Carmen - Lana Del Ray
10. Favourite Disney movie? Mulan, Pocohontas (WOO VIRGINA, even though its uber historically inaccurate.) and Cinderella, and Anastasia. So all of them. 
11. One country you would love to visit and why?
England, I would love to see all the histocial sites, eat in a cafe shop in the thrift stores, meet a cutie.... haha. 
New questions:
1. What is your favourite song at the moment? Lolita - Lana Del Ray

2. Which flavour of ice cream do you like best?
Caramel Pecan Deliciousness

3. Which fandom is your favourite (and why)?
Legend of Avatar. I cant wait untill Korra comes back on! AHH I hope the series never ends. 

4. Twitter or Facebook?

5. What is the last book you read and did you like it?
Looking for Alaska - John Green. I finished it Saturday and ohmynarwhalls it was lovely. I think I loved it even more then I loved The Fault in Our Stars, but both of them are so perfect in their own ways its hard to choose. 

6. Do you wear any jewellery?
I wear on my left hand: 1 Real jade Bangle & 1 Pink My Little Pony rubber bracelet. I have a green and gold beaded bracelet one of my auntys patient's made her but she gave to me. On my neck I wear a fake diamond heart necklace my aunt gave me. I wear all these 24/7 and feel naked without them. Other than those I wear other necklaces/earrings/hairclips depending on the outfit. 

7. What would your unicorn name be?

8. Which languages do you speak?
English, a little spanish mostly just enough to buy things from a bodega. I'm currently in French 3 but boy do I hate it. There are so many things I'd rather do than sit in that hard blue plastic chair for an hour and a half. 

9. What is your favourite word in every language? Dream. 

10. Who is your favourite Disney princess (and why)? 
I love Aurora, because she gets to sleep for years. I'm too jealous. 

11. What do you see first when you look up from your computer screen? My Hunger games Poster, a curtain I've hung on my wall, my closet, my TV, a framed picture of Piglet my aunty gave me, and a coat rack filled with my coats. 

1. How many digits of pi can you type out here? 3.14 thats all I'll type because I'm a lazy bum. 
2. Coffee or tea or both? Tea always. 
3. Favorite TV show? Uhm, I dont watch much tv. I like How Its Made though, I wish the History Channel still had good programming. Le sigh. And I like the Food Channel, nom. Catfish and True Life are usually entertaining too. 
4. Favorite number? 8
5. How many lightbulbs are present in the room you are in at the moment?
2 and an uncountable number of christmas light blubs. 
6. Are your nails painted? Yes! And they look lovely, they are Rasin Rage by Revlon. I want the lipstick of this. 
7. Favorite breed of cat? Jessicas cat is my favorite cat, because hes the only cat I know. He's a long hair, other than that I dont know the specific breed. 
Burmeses because the are like fluffy Siameses only cute and rare because they are mutations
8. What time is your alarm set for, if you have one? I have many alarms but my body just wakes itself up on time usually. 
9. Favorite band? I love too many to name just one. But my favorite as of this moment is The Police. 
10. Do you pluck your eyebrows? Nah, good eyebrows run in the family. I used to pluck them when I was a silly youngster though. 
11. How tall is the person closest to you? Uhmm.... well my mom is in the room next to me and shes like 5'6 - 5'7. But I'm only 5'2. 
so now i have to type 11 questions and tag 11 people and if i tag you you can take the survey and add more questions if you want :)
1. What's your secret addiction? I enjoy putting stickers on nearly everything. 

2. Type something not many people know about you. I sing badly on purpose, I'm actually a pretty ok songstress. But I learned long ago that people laugh with others who sing badly on purpose, but people laugh at others who sing ok and think their great. 

3. Do you collect anything? Magazine ads. I tac them to my walls and keep binders full of them.
4. Do you have a passion for anything? I've got a passion for fashion. 

5. Describe your first kiss or a first date. My first kiss was in front of my bestfriend and all her family on a chair in their living room. It was pretty ok as far as first kisses go. Although I mist say I was mighty embarrassed when everyone made a fuss about it. 

6. Favorite subject in school? English / Social Studies 

7. Whats the most recent song youve listened to? Earl Sweatshirt - Chum

8. How long do your showers normally take? uhmm... 30-40mins? If I dont have to wash my hair its significantly shorter, like 10mins. 

9. If you could change one physical trait about yourself, what would it be? Hmmm.... nothing. I love every part of me. I'm a flippin flower. 

10. Where do you feel the most safe? At Jessica's house, or in my room. 

11. Least favorite artist? Hmmm. Jasons band.
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