me and you,
and with the top down
we'll cruise around
land and make love on the moon
would you like that?

The hate for the 50 item limit is growing with every one I make... argh. I'm also pretty sure that the leak for Justin Timberlake's 20/20 Experience is the best thing that's happened this break so far. Still making a purchase... music for the (eyes low, panty droppin) soul

I trudged down the hallway with my hair still in loose curls from last night and my head slightly throbbing with my pulse heavily beating at my temples. When I had full view of the living area, I noticed Travis' arm draped over his chest, very close to falling off the couch. On the sweetheart couch was Carson spread out and cuddling with Blaise. I chuckled at the sight of the boys as I walked into the kitchen to look for a quick bite.

Suddenly, I heard a loud bang. I jumped, startled. I turned around and saw Travis' head pop out from behind the couch. "I'm okay."

I shook my head at him. "Good night, Trav?"

"Yeah, Trav." Carson groaned, stretching out his arms above his head. Blaise hopped off the couch and went to lick Travis' face. "Way to wake me up."

"You didn't tell me that the Noah you were talking about was Noah Alexander." Travis ignored what Carson and I both said. He was walking towards the kitchen and I slid him a glass of orange juice on the island. He took it and chugged it down, waiting for an answer. Carson slid into the stool next to him and I gave him a glass as well.

"Are we going to interrogate Emma now?"

Carson chimed in. "Yeah, Noah Alexander?"

"How do you guys know him?"

"He's Chris' brother." Travis and Carson said in unison, and they both shrugged also.

I should have remembered this. I did meet Chris, Noah's brother who looked almost identical to him, last night. And it was a fun night in the end. We went to the bar to meet the band and Chris and his band played while we all drank. Then, he joined us after they played the set and we all were just one, big, happy drinking family.

I nodded my head. "Ah, very well then. But Trav," I pointed a finger at him, "you told me the name Noah didn't sound familiar."

"It didn't." He shrugged. "My bad. But the Alexanders are cool dudes. I'm surprised. It's truly a small world."

"That's all you guys have to say about him? No warnings? No threats?" I gasped, faking shock. Part of me was happy that they weren't doing so; it made me feel that it was safe to play the field. But part of me wanted Carson and Travis to play the big brother role and try to scare me off. They didn't. They looked at each other as if they were trying to come up with reasons against Noah but they didn't say a word. "Really? Nothing?"

"Did you want something?" Carson chuckled, finishing off the glass and heading back onto the couch. He kicked his feet up and pulled up the nearest book to read.

Travis was still leaning against the island, looking at me. "You do, don't you?"

"What do you mean?"

Travis sighed but had a small smile on his face. "Want some dirt on Noah. Something bad so you have some excuse."

"Excuse for what?" I wasn't sure if I was supposed to feel offended by Travis' response.

"To push him away. To not go for it." He answered simply.

I bit down on my lip, taken back by what Travis just said. Maybe he was right, but I wanted him to be wrong. The pains of being a female - we never actually know what we want even when we think we do. I opened my mouth to say something but closed it right after I realized I didn't really know what to say. Travis had a smirk on his face. I sighed. "Just a safety thing, I guess," I muttered, "nobody likes to feel vulnerable."

"How are you going to let him all in with that attitude?"

"That's the point." I retorted. The look on Travis' face made me instantly want to take it back. Behind him, Carson was stealing glances towards us, all while hiding behind this tiny novel. "You know me, Travis." I groaned.

He shook his head. "Not a good mentality, my friend. Noah is a good person."

I felt like I was being lectured by Travis on how to treat Noah and I wanted to ask him which one of us was his best friend, but instead I told myself that he was only looking out for me and wanted the best, even if it meant hitting me with this stuff. "I get it." I simply said, walking away and into my room. I decided to change, take Blaise out for a walk or something. It was my day off work and I wanted to enjoy it instead of spend it inside, or talking and discussing this topic with Travis.

"You guys need more weed in your life!" I heard Carson yell out. I just laughed.

Once I put on some comfortable pants and a sweater, I grabbed Blaise's leash and headed out. On the way out, I received a message from Daria that said, 'Why do you guys look so good together? You're messing with a real model Ems!!! xo' I laughed when I read it and I knew she was definietly talking about those pictures I forwarded to her.

Of course, the second I read her message, Noah's named popped up on my phone. He had just sent me a message, too. "Hey. Hope your day is going well. Let me know if you can make some time for a friend in your busy schedule :)"

I couldn't help but smile. I sent him a message back because, well, how could I ignore that? "Afternoon, Noah. Hope yours is, too. Maybe tomorrow.. I can bless you with my presence." I teased him.

He sent me a reply almost instantly. "Looking forward to tomorrow then, your highness."

I laughed. Blaise started barking obnoxiously loud so I looked up to check what he was going crazy about. In front of him was little Hudson licking his face and Noah stood there, a wide grin on his face as his arm was stretched out behind his head. He was scratching the back of it innocently and glanced up at me. "Fancy running into you here."

"You saw all of that, didn't you?"

"I happen to like when people smile at their phones. I think it's cute." He chuckled.

I rolled my eyes at him. Noah never failed to make me feel shy, something about being near him maybe because he was so handsome or such a gentleman or just someone new. I couldn't put my finger on it. "What are you doing today?"

"The usual," he shrugged, "walk Hudson, gym. What about you, Miss Emma?"

I smiled at him. "Walk Blaise. Who knows what else?"

Noah had on a smirk. He was always so intriguing to me and I liked it, but I also wish he wasn't at the same time. I didn't want to get reeled in, and I wanted to keep these guards up. "Care to join on an adventure later?"

"Depends where, Sir Noah." I said playfully.

Noah laughed lightly. "My brother and a couple friends are hanging out tonight, so tell Travis and the guys they can come, too. But we used to go to this place all the time as teenagers. It's one of the best places in the city."

I bit down on my lip, hiding a smile. "Count me in."

"I'll see you later then." He nodded. We both said our goodbyes and I made my way back to the apartment. I was nearly skipping on the way home, I was full of excitement. I didn't like feeling like a little school girl but I couldn't help it. The second I stepped through the door, I heard loud noises coming from the living room. 

I walked in and saw the band sitting all over the couches, and Noah's brother Chris was there, too. "What's up, Ems?" Travis grinned.

"What's going on, guys?"

"Are you busy tonight?" Toby asked. "Say no, because the girl I'm talking to is coming out tonight and it would be nice if you were there, you know, to have another girl there."

I rolled my eyes at Toby. "What's up?"

"Just adventures." Chris chuckled.

"I ran into Noah, actually," I smiled at him, "that's what he told me, too."

Martin nudged Chris' arm playfully. "Look at little Alexander go, eh. Your brother's got game."

Chris shook his head, shrugging Martin off. "Well, Emma," he looked over at me, "do you smoke?"

"Do I smoke..." I sucked in my lips, "Smoke what?"

All the boys laughed. Travis answered that one for me and told Chris that I have before and on occasion, but it wasn't exactly at the top of my priority list. Tonight, like Noah had said earlier, they were all going out to this place they used to go to as teenagers. And like teenagers, they wanted to drink and be drunk and smoke and be high. It sounded like a bunch of rebellious fun, and frankly, something that I could use.

Chris eventually went home after discussing plans and the boys stayed in the apartment, playing video games to pass the time. When I got out of my room all ready and changed, I saw Travis close a little metal case. "Mad question asking, blunt passing, music blasting." He rapped, trying to be gangster.

I shook my head at him. "You're smoking everyone tonight?"

"You're covered, Ems," he laughed, "if that's what you're asking."

"Well, I have your alcohol fix." I held up two cases of cold shots. 

He kept on laughing. "Like true teenagers." I nodded. He continued, "I like this. Maybe Noah is bringing out some fun in you."

"As if I'm not fun already!"


"Isn't this illegal? Trespassing maybe? Use of drugs?" I teased Noah as the rest of the boys made their way into this rusty, old door. The lights were off inside but some light from the moon was coming in through little cracks and windows. I heard a couple creaks and noises and suddenly, lights came on. It was an old theatre, the Loew's theatre. It was closed down and now used by a furniture store for storage. Noah told me that the furniture wasn't always there; just recently.

Chris appeared in the middle of the stage, standing on some chairs. "This place is too awesome to get destroyed."

"I agree, man." Carson chimed in.

Noah took my hand and I bit down on my lip. Something was turning in my stomach and it felt like butterflies, but I wanted to shake that feeling off. It was cute, and unexpected - like always. We walked to one of the many seats further up, and we sat in the middle of the row. We had a clear view of the stage that was full of dust and chairs, and the paint on the ceiling was chipping off and everything felt so old and beautiful.

By this point, I was a little tipsy. We had a little pre-game at Toby's place and his girl kept on feeding me alcohol. It was her way of bonding, I suppose. The boys were all downing hard liquor and beer, and I could assume that a couple of them were drunk. They danced and played around on the stage while drinking, and some of the boys sat in the front row just watching the entertainment while smoking a joint. Toby and his girl were sitting on two of the chairs just drinking.

I turned to Noah, putting my feet up on the seats in front. "This is what you guys used to do as teenagers? Sneak into an abandoned theatre?"

"We were cool kids, huh?"


"But this place is really pretty." He shrugged, pulling out a blunt from his jacket pocket and taking out a lighter. "It's just historic. Part of New York that I think should stay."

I looked around, up, left, right, everywhere. He was right. It felt very historic. With the old engravings in the walls and even the seats felt like it was built way too long ago. But it was cool. While Noah lit up, I downed the rest of the cold shot that I had. I set the empty can on the ground and opened the new one that I had hidden in the sleeve of my arm.

Noah exhaled slowly, looking at me. I wondered if he was drunk at all, but he was definitely going to be flying soon. "Want to trade?"

"Sure." I handed him the beer and he passed me the blunt. I inhaled deeply and I could feel Noah's eyes on me the whole time. Once the tip left my lips, I turned to him with the smoke still in my mouth. I leaned in closer to him, tilting my head just slightly and letting my lips touch his gently. I let it out softly and I could feel his soft lips on mine taking it in. When I glanced up, he was looking at me. We pulled apart and he exhaled all the smoke out without letting his eyes off me.

Noah leaned his head back against the seat, a small smirk on his face. His eyes went from staring into mine, to down at my lips, and then back into my eyes. I watched him closely as he began to inch towards me. "Do you want to do that again with less space between us?" He whispered.

I lifted the blunt to my lips once again and inhaled deeply. Once I had enough, I pressed my lips harder this time against Noah's and blew out against it. He sucked it all in like before and then kissed me gently. It was short and sweet, and he chuckled lightly right after, all the smoke seeping through his teeth and lips. I laughed, and he leaned in again to kiss me; this time it was much longer and much deeper.

When we parted this time, a smirk crept up on my face. I snatched the beer from his hand and downed a bunch. At the same time, I handed him the blunt and he took a couple more hits. I stood up and held my hand out for him. Instead of putting his hand there, he gave me the blunt. "Final trade." He said, and I chuckled, finishing off the last of it before I threw it inside the empty beer can that was on the floor. He finished the rest of the beer in the other can and then put his hand in mine. 

"Let's play." I shrugged with a smug smile on my face.

"What?" I heard him mumble through his laugh. His eyes were glossy, pink and small. I could only assume mine looked the same.

I dragged him down to where everybody except Toby and his girl - guaranteed they were off in some little hidden corner doing something interesting. The guys were messing around, dancing on the chairs and causing ruckus. Either they were drunk, high, or both. It seemed a little destructive, but there was so much about it that was fun. Feeling free, like a kid again with no worries.

I hopped up onto a fancy looking chair, Noah's hand still in mine. I began walking from chair to chair and Noah just walked next to me. "Your highness." He laughed.

"That's right." I grinned, doing a little spin while stepping onto the next chair.

"Hey, don't get too ahead of yourself, Sugar Plum." Travis called out from the front row. "Hate to see you fall."

I shook my head at him. "Sugar Plum is a fairy. I can fly."

I was surprised that we didn't get caught or that someone didn't come in and scare us off. But it was a night that was probably well needed for many of us. To feel free, to feel young and careless. God, we were hooligans.
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