Hope Granger:
Hope is sixteen and focused on her studies completely. She loves to read and is a complete book worm. Hope is part of student council, robotics, jornalism, and anything else that would look good on a college application. People see her as the shy quiet girl of Ellen Brookes but she is just dying to live a little. And with bad boy Aaron Smith having a sudden intrest in little ol Hope, somehow her life just got a little intresting.
Model: Emily Browning
Taken by: Open

I arrived at school early as usual. I got out of the car with my notebook and planner in my arms.I say goodbye to george my driver and he drives off. I head towards the library to add the finishing touches to my journalism paper due next week. As Im walking I greet some of my teachers. I walk up to the library to see Aaron Smith leaning against the door smiling at me. Arron Smith is the bad boy of St. Andrews lately he has had some random intrest in me. I really dont know what hes up to but im keeping my guard up. Ive heard from many girls that he only wants one thing. "Hello," he says as I approach the door. "What do you want now." "YOu know what I want," he says. "Hahaha," I say giving him a disgusted look. As I walk in he pulls my arm. I turn to face him we are only inches apart. "Dont you have someone else to bother," I say before i get to distracted by his gorgeous face. "You know I only want to bother you." I have a sudden urge to kiss him but I know he would only be trouble. But hey I need some excitement in my life.
1.Hope Granger
2Natasha Brookes
3.SOphia Mendez
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