What should have been a fun night certainly hasn't turned out that way.

We went to my aunt and uncles 60th anniversary party. Found out on the way there that two of my dad’s brothers and their families wouldn't be there as one of my aunts and a cousin had a big falling out. My dad would’ve been so disappointed if he was still alive, there were six brothers and they all used to be so close. It’s hard enough that we only all get to see each other maybe once a year if there’s a party for some reason, now one of my uncles has the early stages of Alzheimer’s so each time we get together it’s less likely he will remember all of us and now tonight the uncle who’s party it was collapsed. Despite the initial scare that he was unconscious it turns out it was just that his leg gave way but he must’ve hurt himself as he went down as he couldn’t get up again on his own. By this time an ambulance had been called and after quite some time checking him over they decided to take him off to hospital as he had an irregular heartbeat! Hopefully it was all just because of the stress of the evening but will have to wait until tomorrow now to find out the news. I know I remember the old family parties as being all fun and never any arguments, I was probably just too young to know what was going on but it’s at times like this I really wish I could turn back the clock, I don’t want to see them getting any older and especially not falling out with each other!
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