i know its been ages, but there are things i need to say ,so here goes everything lol- 

 I used to read stories on Quizilla when i was 7th grade ,and I wanted to start writing my own fanfic, I used to see these outfit pictures that writers posted in between their story, to show what the character is wearing, and I used to love it, I used to save those pictures on my computer of the outfits I loved, so this one day, I clicked on the link and found polyvore, and I thought ,so, I going to start writing my story now ,I should make an account here too and create outfits for characters. 
 But really what happened was that I wrote 2 chapters and quit after that, but I had found something too, I had found love for this site, and so I started creating sets a lot, and I still remember who the first person was to like my very first set, and I remember twirling around my room screaming “yay, someone liked it” …. what I am trying to say is that , I have had such great times with you guys, so many things I have learned here ,chatted with so many cool people with fuckin amazing music taste, all my 8 and 9 grade spent on here, I am so thankful to this site to the people here, because I wouldn’t have fallen in love with fashion and all things related without poly, and I don’t know who I would be if I lost this dream to work in a magazine one day and style for it or of being a fashion stylist, I didn’t have anything before polyvore, no specific talent, always sang and danced and sketched, but I was never good enough, always just mediocre ,nothing really special, no idea about what I am going to be, when I‘ll be older,
that’s why this is so important, I have something now, to hold onto, whether it s a dream, I may not be the best with styling but I don’t I love anything more than this, and that’s what I am thanking for,I am thanking for falling In love, loving ,being passionate about something so much that you want to pursue that all your life and wake up happily and want to work. I am glad I found this site, because I wouldn’t be who I am without polyvore.
It got too long, no, this essay lol is sounding like an ending no? It kinda of is, its end of this phase, and beginning of a new one, I really love all of you, and I hope everyone the very best in their lives, I am not quitting, I think don’t that’s possible, but its time I move on from this site. 
and i also ,you guys um, my real name is VRIA ,not Cassie. i was really young as you know when i made this account, and named myself Cassie here, because i really loved the name and wanted it so bad to be mine and i just got stuck then but i am not that young anymore i and i just had to clear it up. i hope this wasn't that weird or anything.

@rainie-minnie @euafyl @manolitaki @bittersweet89 @thefrenchfashionista @aniael @nikii @are-you-with-me @de-si-ree @leannesugarplum @elske88 @natadieu @bestdressx @terrelyn-thomas-no-tags @maggielovelace @ivansyd @anashe @stylistish @kenguri ,you guys have a huge part of this journey at some point of another,thank-you so much, you mean so much!
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